2. From Earth to Heaven


In the soil you have minerals, water, air and organic material, both live and dead, and all these elements are needed in interaction with yourself, with the sun and the seeds that you employ for a good harvest, for you to have food on the table, for you to have sufficient energy, for you to sustain life. Everything is provided for. But if you sow the seed of a thorn bush, you cannot expect to find a beautiful rose. No, my friend, with your wisdom you know that you must employ the seed of a rose for its creation to evolve, and the soil needs the right nutrition to serve its purpose. Then the rose will raise itself towards the creation of your Father, towards the knowledge and the wisdom of God.

From earth to Heaven is the knowledge that you bring to the soil and the beautiful creation of the rose that is there for you to enjoy. You have the knowledge of the soil, the nutrition and the atmosphere of love that is needed for the rose to raise itself.

So it is with you as well, my friend. You have a physical body and when you travel the pathway towards heaven within yourself, you will need the knowledge to find your true self, to raise yourself spiritually, you will need to know the nourishment for your spirit, the elements of heaven that you can create within yourself. You can sow the seeds of love and create a wonderful garden. Let your mind receive the right nourishment for the soil to prosper, for the soil to find its way towards your true self, towards the beauty that you were given at birth, the spark of the divine.

Heaven on earth is knowledge, is the wisdom of God, and people of the earth do not have this knowledge. That is why we come to you to tell you that there is no death, that you are eternal beings, that you are here on earth in this school of life to raise yourself, to find your true self, and you find heaven within yourself with the wisdom of God and the wisdom of God is love, love for humanity, love for every child on this earth plane.

Selfishness and vanity, the passions of your earth, passions of your self, are there for you to manage and master in life. There are many mansions in heaven, as you know from the sayings in the scriptures, and that is because the spiritual evolvement on the earth plane has not reached oneness with the Creator, because you are here on the earth plane to evolve, to raise yourself towards your Father, so you can be in that mansion of love, the mansion where love is the consciousness of yourself.

We come to you to bring this wisdom, to bring heaven on earth, because we are humble servants, messengers of God. We know the truth. We know how to apply this knowledge on the earth plane, and how to give this knowledge to you, so you can find your true self, your spiritual self, so you can, from your physical body, find your spiritual self, because when you have found your spiritual self, your spiritual being, heaven will descend upon you, and upon the earth plane.

When you see that selfishness is causing you problems in your material world, when you see that misuse of power causes cruelty and war, when you see that the lust of the physical flesh is there for you to conquer and to raise yourself above, then heaven will emerge within yourself, then the beauty that you were given by your Father at birth will find its way towards your own conscious mind so you can have the spiritual awareness that your innermost being is always seeking for, but that you block yourself from when your focus is on the material aspect of life.

Mother Nature has all the revelations for you. You can watch the soil, you can look upon the sky and see how the sun is working to bring fruit, to bring a good harvest for humanity on earth. But you have to employ the right nutrition for the soil to prosper. You have to work for a good soil and that is what you have to employ within yourself as well. Your heaven within needs a good soil so it can develop and evolve because, my friend, you can create a beautiful heaven within and that is transparent when you come to the spirit world, when you leave your physical body behind on the earth plane. The heaven you created on the earth plane will emerge in the spirit world, because in our world your thoughts are predominant, your thoughts create, and what you made for yourself, you will gain on this side of the veil.

When you sow love on your pathway in life, you will find yourself in a meadow of beautiful flowers when you come to this side of life, and this you can experience on the earth level as well, because when you raise yourself in spirituality, when you become spiritually aware of yourself, you will see the pathway, the blooming behind yourself, the sowing that you are performing. You will see that when you give love, you will receive love from your Father. You will create heaven within yourself, you will achieve peace of mind, because you do the works that you were given by your Father. You use his hands on the earth plane when you travel the path of love, when you help wherever your pathway takes you, and when you see people suffering, that are in despair, then you extend your service to these human beings, because they are, like you, children of God, and they have the same rights, the same human rights as you have, as all of God’s children have. You are all here on the earth plane to evolve spiritually; you are all here to find your true self, to find the knowledge of life, the meaning of life, that is why you are here in this very moment in time. When you search within yourself, my friend, you will understand when you gain the wisdom of God, you will comprehend life, because the hidden treasure is there for you to find, the hidden treasure within, and when you seek you shall find. That is the wisdom of God. God is love and he wants you, all his children, to find happiness, to be part of his love, to be at one with him.

God gave you life here on earth to find your true self, and it is your responsibility to enhance yourself, to raise yourself towards his love, towards his wisdom, so you can be part of the mansion of love, so you can find your inner self, your spiritual self on the earth plane. Then you travel from earth to heaven, but you travel nowhere in distance, you travel within yourself, because heaven is within, and when you have found heaven, then you want to create heaven on earth as well, so you will be the light for others to follow, so they can find the same truth. When people of the earth find the same truth then you will have heaven on earth, then the wisdom of God will have descended from the heaven above. Be sure to nourish the soil with yourself, behold love in your heart, because it is in love you will find the knowledge, the truth of life.

Heaven on earth; the knowledge that we give to you is love, is the truth, the truth of yourself that there is no death, that you are an eternal being, that you can raise yourself spiritually and find your true self and find heaven within, the beauty that you were given at birth by your Father. When you explore yourself by the wisdom of God, then you have travelled the path from earth to heaven and you have seen that the heaven you created within is for the world, so your world can find heaven on earth, so heaven on earth can be revealed to humanity, to every child on this earth plane.

Remember that the soil, the sun and the seed gave you the knowledge that you have within yourself, your true self, because the earth reveals the wisdom of God.

Go in peace my friend and have trust in God; have trust in his love for you, for you all.

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