1. Message to the World


When the sun is rising above the horizon a new day is born. The light brightens up the day; brightens up Mother Nature so you can see the beauties of your world. What a wonderful world, what a wonderful blue planet you have received from God. What a wonderful creation you are.

In the beginning the Word was of God, the Word that created your world, the stars, the universe and yourself. In the beginning was the thought, a beautiful thought of your Father. This thought is yours. This thought is of love. This thought is for you to comprehend, for you to make your own, because you are of the same God, you are of the same Word, you are of the same thought, but you were given free will, you were given free will to evolve on your beautiful blue planet, and you are responsible for your behaviour, for your actions, for your deeds, for bringing the wonders of the sun, the creation of God to your soil, so it will bear fruit.

Your Father has given to you, through your star, the sunlight that keeps you alive, that keeps Mother Nature alive, all that you need to sustain life, to be happy, to find tranquillity on your planet. The sun is a revelation to you; it is shining upon all of you, the righteous and the nonrighteous, and God reveals to you in that manner that he does not differentiate. God is love, because the Word that started all there is, is of love.

My friend, you are here on earth, whether as a king, a president, a construction worker or a servant, to fulfil all the tasks that are on the earth plane. You all have the same responsibility to bring love to the earth plane, to see all of God’s children as equals, of the same importance, because none of you is elevated in any respect in the eyes of God. The Almighty Spirit does not differentiate between any of his children. It is people and your earthly passions with selfishness, greed, vanity and misuse of power that create the differences, that make your society so vulnerable because some have an abundance of wealth and some are very poor. That is manmade. That is not of the Word, the Word that you received at the very beginning.

But your planet, your world, is in progress. From ancient times you have had warfare, cruelty and violence, and you still have. People do not know themselves, people do not know that they are of the spirit, that they are eternal beings, that there is no death, that when you leave your physical body behind, you will enter the spirit world and you will look upon your life and see how you behaved and treated your family, your whole family. You will see the mistakes you have made, and you will regret that you did not know, that you had not climbed the ladder of spirituality, that you had not found your true self, due to your ignorance.

My friend, you are here on the earth plane to evolve, you are here to evaluate and differentiate between right and wrong, and you are here to reach higher, to find your true self. And we are here to tell you that there is no death and that is the message to the world, that is a wonderful message to every child on this earth plane, and it is your responsibility when you have the knowledge to tell your fellow beings, to extend your knowledge to everyone that crosses your pathway in life, to shout loud that there is no death, that we are still alive when we leave your physical plane, when we leave our physical body behind. That will change the world. The world will change when people know the truth, when they know that there is a world beyond, even more real than your world.

You live in the mechanical world, and our world is the creative world, because we have the liberty of the spirit, and we have the creative force within. Our thoughts make ourselves in our world. Our thoughts are real in the spirit world and, my friend, imagine what kind of world that is. Dwell on this for a while. Imagine that your thoughts create something, and it is there instantly. Imagine what world you can create when you have love in your heart, and the world you create when you have thoughts of selfishness, thoughts of misbehaviour in your mind. Imagine what kind of world you create around yourself.

It is of vital importance both in your world and our world to have love as our foremost thought in life, because that is where you want to be in that wonderful thought of love, because that is where you will find your Father, that is where you will find your treasure in life, that is where you will find heaven within yourself. You create your own paradise, you create your own heaven within, and that is the heaven that you will meet on this side of the veil. The heaven that you can create on the earth plane is transparent in the world beyond.

Trust in God, that is where your thoughts will have rest, that is where you find peace of mind and that is where you find your higher self. You can find the truth of life. Build the Bridge of Love, the bridge between our two worlds. Communication with the world beyond is of the truth. You can be in communion with your friends and loved ones that have passed on. You can be in communion with the spirit world when love prevails and the hands of the Almighty Spirit build the bridge, because the communion between our two worlds is of God.

The dogmas of religion are there for you to comprehend, for you to reflect upon, for you to use your intellect to revise, because much has been misinterpreted, much has been miscomprehended over time, from scriptures that were written in ancient times. It is now the time for reflection, for evaluation, because now you know that God is love, and in love you will find the truth. Reflect on the scriptures and know that everything that comes from God is of love, and when there is something that is not of love then it cannot be of the truth.

You are here, my friend, to evolve on this earth plane, you are here to find the answers to life itself, you are here to find your true self, you are here to bring the message forward, to be a messenger of God, because that is not restricted to people in higher positions. You yourself can be a humble servant of the Almighty Father. You yourself can be a messenger of God when you reveal the truth, when you give love to your brethren on the earth plane. Love is the key to heal your world, to share the resources of your world, to raise yourself towards the world beyond, to the heaven within yourself, to be one with God, because in the consciousness of God, you find pure love and truth.

There is no death. Let this truth be revealed to humanity. God is love, unconditional love and every one of you is a child of your Almighty Father, your Almighty Mother, because that is your parents. God is the power of love, and he made you in his picture as man and woman to raise his children on earth, to find the spirit within yourself, to evolve and develop your true self, and that is why he gave you your physical body with all the passions of the earth, so you could master yourself, so you could find yourself, so you could find the pathway to the heaven within, because it is in struggle that you find your real self. You have to learn, you have to experience, and that is what you are here for on the earth plane. The earth plane is the school of life and you are here to raise yourself spiritually, to see that materiality is there for you to find yourself, to find your true self, to find your spiritual self.

Go forward and leave a beautiful garden behind you. Sow the seeds of love wherever your pathway takes you, have faith and trust in God and you will find the beauty that you have within, that you were given at birth to develop, to nourish so you could be one with your Father, with the Almighty Spirit, with God.

Release yourself from the passions of the earth; release yourself from selfishness, greed, and from the lust of the physical flesh, release yourself from cruelty and violence, release yourself from a world of suffering, from a world of despair, release yourself from the chains of materiality and climb spiritually towards your Father, towards your Creator, where you came from, and you release yourself by love, love for everyone, love for humanity and Mother Nature.

Love is the message for your world. In love you will find your true self, in love you will heal your world, in love you will find the wisdom of God. In love you will govern your world with the hands of your Almighty Father. Govern your world with the truth of life, that love is foremost and that there is no death. We are all eternal beings, and we are of God.

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