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Poem to the painting “THE SUN” by Edvard Munch in Spirit,
Communicated from the spirit world on October 30, 2021
10:00 AM – 10:10 AM
(translated to English from Norwegian)


The load-bearing element –
in my deed,
The power that gave me life,
The love that springs from within me,
I’m the sun.

The white waves,
The colourful emotions,
My heartbeats,
A bloody sea, inner chaos,
A world filled with melancholy –
from my own depression to love for my neighbour.

Our star –
God’s Mercy,
The foundation of all life.
Our origin.
Our creator.
We are of the same star.
All life, all thoughts – your feelings,
come from the effect of the sun on your soul.

The Almighty Spirit,
The origin of God,
The Creation,
The Eternal life.



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