A human – traumatized, apathetic.
The wounds of the soul do not heal.
The murderer’s face reflects a diabolical act.
A mind in the dark, alone, abandoned.

To deprive a person of life impairs oneself –
one’s soul.

In my world,
In the spirit world, the murderer is lost in his mind;
A world in poverty, a poor soul –
A psychotic state – wailing, broken –
The same fate the murderer inflicted on his
brother, sister and family on earth.

My advice!
Make up for yourself while you are still alive on earth.
Help your neighbour, tell the truth –
So your soul can find the light again –
The love of God that you were once born with.

Don’t run blind; admit your wrongdoing!

Edvard Munch in spirit,
Communicated from the spirit world – July 14, 2022

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