Poem for the painting “SCREAM” by Edvard Munch
Communicated from the spirit world October 30, 2021
10:10 – 10:20
(Translated from Norwegian)


I’m standing on the bridge.
I’m lost.
My soul has left me.
I gape, I scream! Where are my hands –
where is my body? Am I dead?
Where are my friends?

The bloody tears of the soul are wiped across my canvas –
An inferno
To hell with it –
I do not want to die.
Depression goes away.

The journey of the soul.
My heartbeats, I live!
Where am I?
I’m in the melancholy universe –
a world I do not understand –
a world of depression.

Give me the life back!
Pull me out of this dark hole!
God, my Creator, – give me the light –
give me your love.
Let me see the goodness of my friends in myself.

Scream, and you will be heard!
Cry for the power of God, your own strength!
It nourishes.
The sky turns light blue, I see the sun again.
I’m myself – again.

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