I am the son of man.
Expressionist art is my self-image.
Sorrow, despair and melancholy.
The warlike and the melancholic.
The love for my neighbour.
Evolution created us as man and woman.

Deception of the mind.
The pompous splendour –
The Pompous Suit –
Hides human discomfort, degradation.

Nudity is in God’s spirit –
Show who we are.
Creatures from God’s diversity.
Crucified – a metaphor in my time.
The expressionist crucified, mocked, ridiculed, jealousy –
A frieze of life in its glory.

Before Abraham, I was.
No, a reality—a spirit older than the earth—
A place in evolutionary history.

Life as an artist,
Crucified dead and buried,
Risen from the dead,
And at once a poet from the kingdom of heaven.

Son of God,
child of God,
sons and daughters,
By the Almighty Spirit.
Love was crucified,
The love for our neighbour.

A truth from history,
A truth today.

Time heals all wounds.
God’s love hovers over the earth.
Your love.
Our love.
We are one in God’s creation.

Edvard Munch in Spirit,
Communicated from the Spirit World

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