Epilogue by Edvard Munch

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A Spirit World Message.

The sun is my love, the moon my virtue.
Painting nature – my playground.
The art says something.

Without a message, art has no value.
I have talked about life in pictures.
Life and death are one, for life is eternal.
My voice is after death, from the spirit world.

I look hungry.
I see the extreme poverty of my family on Earth.
My art exists to help the screaming child,
people on the run, people suffering on Mother Earth.

Death is merciful to those who see their neighbour as themselves.
Selfishness, greed, and materialism in abundance cause trouble
after the exit of death.

Love your neighbour as yourself –
a difficult expression to live up to, but try your best.
It will give you a good life on Mother Earth and into eternity.

The climate denier has lost his way.
Mother Earth must become carbon neutral.
A land that causes pain that creates unlivable conditions for people and animals.
Adhere to the Paris Agreement – the delicious planet must be preserved and balanced.
The one-and-a-half-degree target is your damned duty to achieve—
for the well-being of the next generations.

Where selfishness reigns, love has terrible conditions.
A proverb well-known and crucial for our shared future.

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