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To embrace life is to embrace oneself, one’s soul.
Death and life are one world, many lives, and several dimensions.
The diamond must be cut – life is your soul.

Reincarnation is a truth.
Does the Church know nothing?
False dogmas.

Religions have created blasphemy.
God is love.
There is no wrath in God’s creation.

Jesus of Nazareth could not die for our misdeeds.
It is blasphemy.
Jesus showed the way to love –
A man of love –
An ordinary person like you and me.

To embrace death when your day comes is the love of God.
A blessing that everyone is given.
No religion can deprive man of God’s presence.

Souls are ready for a new life on earth.
Souls who wish to share in the fertility of the Earth –
The obligation of the next generations to preserve God’s creation –
Your masterpiece, for better or for worse.

The soul’s journey from one dimension to another –
From one universe to another.
God’s blessing – to ultimately become one with your Creator.

God bless you all.

Edvard Munch in Spirit
Communicated from the Spirit World – July 7, 2022
Translated from Norwegian – Døden og Livet

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