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  1. I am the Sun, your God –
    that gives you the physical flesh to become life on Earth.

  3. I am the past, the present, and the future –
    and the building blocks of the universe.

  5. I am one in you as you are one in me.
    There is oneness in my Creation.

  7. Life is to learn and to enjoy.
    Life is to care for everyone.
    Life was given to you on Earth to enhance your spiritual self –
    and become one Love with your family, the children on Earth.

  9. I see no borders,
    I see the United Nations as one family for all my children.

  11. The only word in my mouth is unconditional “love”.
    I am your God and will never forsake you.

  13. You can never die; that is only physical –
    for you to enjoy many lives and learn right from wrong.

  15. Life is for everyone, regardless of belief.
    There are no religions in my wisdom.
    There is only one commandment:
    To love your neighbour as yourself.
    Your life is born by this commandment,
    born out of Love for you all.

  17. Love made you.
    Your origin is of the same substance as yourself.
    My Love permeates the universe and your existence.

  19. Watch yourself in my picture, feel my touch, and you find yourself, your spirit, heaven within, your spiritual self, and your eternal life.

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