1. I am the waterdrops from the leaves on a rainy day.
    I am the sun’s rays that circulate the oceans.
    I am the wind blowing at sea, creating clouds for your nourishment.
    I am the blue sky above you.
    I am the atoms that gave you life.
    I am the magnificent colours that suddenly make a teardrop run down your cheek.

  3. I am God –
    the spirit of love that made you.
    We are one when you find the love I gave you at birth, the love you can share with humanity and the animal kingdom.

  5. I share my beauty, heaven within, with all who seek my eternal wisdom, the wisdom of love, and the oneness you can create with your love for your neighbour.

  7. We are one, and when love unites us, you have found me, your Creator.

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