Heal the World

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  1. Mother Earth –
    a planet made in my picture,
    in Love for your spiritual growth,
    a home where you can find the essence of your spiritual self –
    a life to enjoy and learn,
    to fulfil your destiny with your Love for the planet and its inhabitants.
  2. A mystery of good fortune where you can evolve and find the beauty within –
    the Love that created you,
    the Light I gave to you,
    so you could see with your eyes the magnificence of your world,
    that can be a replica of your eternal life.

  3. You are a spirit of God –
    and you can choose right from wrong.
    Egotism and the passion for power are there for you to conquer, to release yourself from
    so your mind can find its Godness, the oneness with your Creator.

  5. Wars are contrary to the mind of your Creator.
    The mind of Love, the unconditional Love, is your origin, where your spirit was born.

  7. Abandon wars, eradicate egotism.
    Conquer the passion for power, and become a charitable human being as the light you gave as a star to other children in the universe.

  9. The universe that you can watch is a replica of yourself.
    Stars are born, and stars eventually die and become part of you.
    The children on earth have been stars in the universe –
    you have been the origin of a star – an evolution in your eternal life.

  11. Find moderation in your life.
    The material life has been given to you to distinguish right from wrong.

  13. Search for your star within, the star of Love, the birth of yourself.

  15. Heal the world with your Love. It is the only path for your eternal growth to become one with your Creator, with me, your God, your mother and your father, who will never leave you because we are one.

  17. Heal the world, and you heal yourself. It is the only path to the glorious destiny that awaits you who listen to my words.

  19. Keep my word in your heart. The word that will grow in you.
    The Love – the past, the present and the future.


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