Care, Share and Love



  1. Love your neighbour as yourself –
    a universal law –
    the law of cause and effect.

  3. I am the universal Love, –
    the Creator, your God, the Creation.

  5. Life is eternal.

  7. Humanity and the animal kingdom,
    are my Love manifested in your world.

  9. Planet Earth – an evolution brought into being because I am,
    as you are of my Creation –
    the eternal Love, the unconditional Love.

  11. Care, share, and Love – your building blocks to find peace of mind,
    to create heaven on earth,
    a life of beauty – heaven within – your life.

  13. Care for all human beings, my children.
    Care for the animal kingdom.

  15. Share the wealth of your world.
    You are all equally important.
    You are all alike; no one under, no one above.
    You are all spirits of my Creation.

  17. Love your neighbour.
    Love is the essence of yourself,
    Love made you, created you in my picture by my hands of Love.

  19. On earth, you are my hands,
    my prolonged will to care and to share,
    and to love your family on earth –
    and every child and animal is your family.

  21. Mother Earth – a planet of my beauty.
    Care for her existence,
    share her wealth, and show me your Love for my Creation, for our destiny.

  23. Care, share, love –
    Love your neighbour as yourself –
    my commandment for your eternal life –
    for raising yourself in oneness with your Creator, our Creation.


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