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2. Telepathy

As human beings we all have the sixth sense of Telepathy, the way to understand and receive the thoughts and feelings of others from a distance. Why is this, my friend? Your thoughts are real, they are substance, and they are like electrical charges. Within yourself, you build up this electrical charge of thoughts, of feelings, of pictures and of movies that are as clear as the day, and that you send as a package, even though you don’t know it, out there in the ether, but when you direct this package to a being, that being will be able to receive your message if attuned to you.

You are a radio station with a receiver and a transmitter. When you raise yourself in spirituality, raise your inner being, you will be more attuned to Telepathic messages, to the thoughts that are around you, to people’s thoughts and feelings because within yourself, your spiritual being, it is your spiritual mind that receives and transmits. Your physical being is merely a barrier to this flow of energy, this flow of electric pulses, electric charges, packages of information.

You may have heard of the third eye in the centre of your brain, the Pineal gland. It is a very small ‘nut’, if you so wish, that is the centre of your radio station, even though it is just your physical part of your third eye, which is your mind centre of energy that goes through your head like a tunnel from your forehead. If and when you become more attuned to us in the spirit world, attuned to God in yourself, to the Almighty Father in heaven, you will feel this third eye as a kind of pressure in your forehead. This is a sign of your spiritual development when you are raising yourself when meditating and when you are focused on your inner being, your spiritual self.

Now, if you have any doubt concerning your physical restraints, or any prolonged headache for any other reason, well, first of all, you should have a visit to your physician so you know for yourself that nothing is wrong with you or that there is another medical explanation, just to make sure that the pressure in your forehead is of the spiritual kind.

Your third eye is the gateway to the spirit world, and when you sense the pressure in your forehead, it is not similar to a headache, but just a slight pull that you yourself are the master of. So when you concentrate for your spiritual awareness, this light pressure, and this slight pull in your forehead may be noticed, and then you are connected with your spiritual self. When entering this spiritual gateway, you can feel the presence of your friends, of your dear ones that have left the earth plane, that want to be in communion with you when love prevails, because communion within yourself through Telepathy can only be done and mastered in love.

When you have raised yourself spiritually, your Telepathic sense will raise itself and you will be able to tune in to the messages of the spirit world, but also to the messages of friends on earth, because Telepathy, the transmittal and reception of thoughts and feelings is not subject to the communication of the spirit world only, but also to that of the earth plane.

You can send a thought to a friend on the other side of the globe, and if that friend is attuned to you, he or she will receive your message, but everything in this world needs practice. You will need to practice and practice. Send thoughts and have fun with it. Then it becomes part of your spirituality, and you are heightening yourself with senses that are of the spiritual kind, and that you, even on the material plane, can enjoy, appreciate and master.

Telepathy is real because thoughts are real, feelings are real, pictures and movies that you generate within your mind are real, they are real packages of energy that you send out and receive from your spiritual mind, from your mind within yourself that is not of the physical flesh, but of your spiritual body.

All of you have probably sometimes wondered, “Why did I receive this message?” and “Why did this thought come to me?” Well, for a moment, you were perhaps inspired by a spiritual being, by a friend that sent you this thought. If that thought was of no purity, if that thought was not of the spiritual kind, if that thought was supposed to harm you, then, my friend, discard that thought and replace it with a loving thought. Always my friend, have loving thoughts in your mind, always send love to others. Search within yourself for the love that you yourself can give to the world, out to other human beings, to all living beings, because when you send out good thoughts, you will receive good thoughts. Be aware that you are a radio station, where you tune in to the ether where there are all kinds of thoughts and pictures. Tune in to good thoughts and you receive good loving thoughts, and you can be sure that you have the right station, the right station within yourself.

On this side of life, Telepathy is the way to communicate because there is a universal language. We understand all thoughts, all feelings, all pictures and movies that are sent and received, because in the spirit world there is no language but one, and that is the universal language.

Let love prevail in your heart. Let God be the power for your radio station, and you can be sure that you are tuned in to the purest of thoughts.

Telepathy is the spiritual communication. Start today my friend, send a loving thought to a friend, to a dear one, to the less fortunate, send good thoughts and be part of God´s love and his consciousness. Telepathy and thoughts can do wonders in your world because thoughts are real, are substance and your world aligns friends by thought.

Let good thoughts reign over your world.

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40. The Vital Message

The wisdom of God is love. God is love. God is unconditional love. If humankind, if people of the earth could explore within themselves, use their effort and time to find the vital message that they have within themselves, given to them by the Almighty Father, their own lives and the world itself would be like heaven on earth.

My friend, love is the vital message, love towards humanity, love towards your friends, love towards your enemies, love towards yourself, but you will never find love within yourself, if you don’t give love to others.

God wants you to find the beauty that you have within yourself. He wants you to explore yourself, your surroundings, the world, Mother Nature, the universe, where you will find the cycles of life. That is as valid for the microorganism that you cannot see with your physical eyes, as for the universe, where you have to use a telescope to see the birth of a new star. In God’s wisdom you will find the answers to life itself and to your inner being, to your spiritual self. You will know then, that you can never die, that you are an eternal being, that you are part of God, and that you are part of his Wisdom. You are expanding in knowledge, the world is progressing, and so is the universe expanding in all its beauty.

Everything in life is expanding in knowledge, and so it is with you, your spiritual self, because when you leave behind your physical body that you have used on earth to acquire knowledge, you leave the physical plane, the earth plane and join the spirit world, where you are still learning, acquiring knowledge, but in another format, another way of learning. There are always new opportunities to learn. You travel to different spheres and learn, acquire new knowledge, and when you have not learned the lesson that you were supposed to, well my friend, how do you do that on earth? You start over again, and you give yourself another chance, another pathway that you can manage, where you can acquire the wisdom that you need to raise yourself towards God, his wisdom and love.

The world has been taught the wisdom of God from ancient times. Why do you think that you in the present time were the only one that tried to explore, to find the answer to the wisdom of God? Well, I can tell you this, friend, you were not. People of the earth, humankind have always searched for God on different pathways, in different ways, and many have found within themselves the answer, the vital message which is love, love for your fellow beings, unselfishness, humbleness that beautifies your soul and that raises yourself up towards the wisdom of God, towards his unconditional love. That is the beauty that you should appreciate, that you have the wisdom of God within, and you will find that wisdom, the love that you can give to the world, you can find that beauty within yourself. Search my friend, search, and you will know that this is the only pathway, the only pathway to raise yourself from mundane things, from materialism, from the troubles of the world, so you can have peace within yourself, so you can find the peace and the love the Creator wanted you to find, so you can be part of his consciousness, of God’s consciousness, which is unconditional love, the mightiest force in the universe, the vital message for the world.

Love is all there is, love is everything, love will raise your self towards the being that you yourself ever wanted to be, your spiritual self, the bright light that shines upon the earth, the bright star of love from the universe.

Christ showed the way, he was a bright light, and he was the bright star. Many people, many human beings have sacrificed their lives and been a bright star for others to follow. You yourself can be a bright star for others to follow. Serve love, unselfish yourself, help wherever you can, humble yourself, give of yourself, and let the least fortunate come first. Let the bright light shine upon the earth, the wisdom of God. Let love prevail, let love predominate yourself. Paint yourself in love, paint your world in love.

This is the vital message, my friend.

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39. Your destiny

There are many walks of life, many pathways, but the direction in life is your decision because you have free will. This free will was given to you at birth. Then you ask yourself: What direction should I follow in life? What should I become? Where should I go? God has given you Mother Nature, and he has given you a spiritual pathway and a physical body. This pathway is for you to find, and you find this pathway in love for humanity, in love for your fellow beings, and when you unselfish yourself, when you lose yourself and by that I mean that you no longer strive for the indeterminable need for power, the power over something that should have its free will, the power where you misuse your abilities.

You make your own destiny by following a pathway in life either of the spiritual or the material kind. The material pathway where you long for possessions, where you long for gratifying yourself, where you have lost sight of other human beings that were less fortunate then yourself, then you will reap as you sowed yourself, not necessarily in this life on earth, but surely in the life to come. When you follow the path of love, the spiritual path, you will have access to the beauty within yourself, the heaven in your mind, the seed that was given to you by God, that he wanted you to nurture and to bring fruit, a seed that should give such bright light that you could shine upon the earth showing the way for others, the way to God and the wonderful paradise within, and that you will experience in full when you arrive on this side of life. You see, my friend, you yourself are the master of your destiny.

We are all children of God, and we will all travel the pathway towards God sometime, because there is no other way. That is your final destiny, even it takes aeons of time.

You may ask yourself: How could this happen? Why did God do this? When you have disasters, when you see violence, when you see that your dear ones leave earth much too early, that is part of life. God gave man free will, for you to learn, for you to give and receive love, and for you to experience. Yes, as I know, it is difficult to understand, it is difficult and painful, but when you know that death is just the opening of a new door to a new life, a wonderful life, and that you just left behind your physical body, and that you are still with your dear ones, even though they can´t see you, when you know that we are all eternal beings, that we are a spiritual being within ourselves, then you may have relief from your pain. God is love. He has given humankind free will. It is up to the people of the earth to make their own destiny. Take care of your fellow beings, help the less fortunate from the very beginning of their lives, and give love to all children. My friend, when you can see God’s love in this picture, you will know that you yourself are the master of your destiny.

We see how the earth, how Mother Nature has been and is lost in many ways due to the misuse. Materiality, materialism and people’s selfishness is the cause of the disasters of your world. Everything is connected with your behaviour on earth. Nature responds to your behaviour.

God is love, unconditional love. Use your free will for raising yourself in love for other beings, for humankind and for Mother Nature. Raise yourself towards love, towards God, for humankind, because you are part of the creation that determines your destiny.

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38. Eternity

Time is endless. There is no time in the spirit world. How can there be any time when we live in eternity?

My friend, your spiritual being has always existed, you have always been part of God, and God has been for all eternity. How can you perceive a world where there is no time? How can you perceive a timeless world when you watch your time and schedule every day? – Now it is time to start the working day, now it is time to get up from bed early in the morning, now it is time for breakfast, now it is time for work, a meeting, a birthday, to call a friend, now it is time to reflect on what happened yesterday the loving words you served a friend or a close relative, or a conflict that is still in your mind, but still unsolved. The time is there ticking all day, and in the evening you sit back in your chair and sum up the daily events, and you say to yourself: Did I fulfil my tasks today? Wait a second, I forgot I had planned a conversation with a friend that I should have given comfort, that had problems. Then you go into your schedule, to your planner and say to yourself: It is too late to give a call tonight, maybe my friend has gone to sleep? I will make sure that I call my friend at a certain time tomorrow, and then you write that in your planner. See my friend, time on earth is part of your way to organize your life, and with a world that is going around 24 hours a day, you need time to make it work.

When you go to bed and fall asleep, then time does not exist for you before you hear the alarm clock wakening you from sleep, but you have been travelling in your thoughts, in your dreams. Perhaps you remember some dreams that were joyful or just a mixup of different events, but time was not there. You did not reflect upon time when you were asleep, because then you were part of eternity, you were part of how we regard time in the spirit world, in a way, because in a dream when asleep, you are not conscious, but we are in the spirit world.

In fact, when you raise yourself spiritually, you also become conscious when asleep, because then you travel to the spirit world, you become part of the next life, and even if you don’t know, since you cannot remember your sleep, you may be active with your friends, and even work on this side. Time, to us in the spirit world, does not exist since we live in eternity, but when we come to earth and join you, help and inspire you, we become conscious of your time. We live in a higher vibration than you, and we know that this must be difficult to understand. Time passes quickly for us compared to time on earth, but as I told you, we do not have time, because we live in eternity, the spirit world is eternity.

You might say: How do you plan in the spirit world? How do you meet friends when you cannot have a certain time to agree upon? Well, in the spirit world we are conscious all the time, we don’t sleep, even though we rest, even though we move into stillness and have peace within ourselves. We are conscious of meetings, we are conscious of activities, we are conscious when a friend is sending his or her thoughts to us. We are conscious. We are conscious of the consciousness that we are part of, so we know. Actually, we have a much more comprehensive understanding of people and activities and their consciousness than you can ever in your mind comprehend on earth.

There is no need for time in the spirit world, because we know all there is to know that we want to be part of. We know when a friend wants our presence, wants to be comforted, or just wants us to be part of their mind. Consciousness is to us our planner, our schedule, but I am saying this to you for you to comprehend with your mind, because I know it is difficult to understand a world you are not part of, that has other rules, that has another organisation, and that is far beyond your comprehension. It cannot be transparent in your mindset, but know that our world is highly organised, and that we are, with our consciousness, more aware of everything that we are part of, more than you on earth can ever realise compared to your own organised life.

Eternity my friend, is a beautiful world. We live in eternity, you are part of eternity, you are on earth to raise yourself spiritually so you can comprehend your consciousness when you come to the spirit world one day in the future, when your life on earth is complete and you have accomplished your tasks.

You are an eternal being. God is eternal. Life is eternal.

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