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Aleksej Navalnyj in Spirit

A Message from the Spirit World.

My friends,

From my death cell in Siberia, I was met by crying Russian soldiers,
soldiers from the war in Ukraine.
I am listening to them;
“Putin betrayed them.”
“Putin caused a disastrous life for them in the Spirit World and on Earth.”
“They characterised Putin as a psychopath.”

Putin is only interested in his material wealth, power, authority, and egotism. His comrades fulfilling his objective, an inhuman Russia, will take the consequences in the spirit world, life in horror, a disaster to their minds.

My friends, my dear family, it is a joyous moment to speak to you from the Spirit World. I was glorified for my work on Human Rights in the Spirit World.

I love my people, I love the world, every human being.
Love made me, and my hands are built by the same power, the unconditional love of my Creator.

A free democratic Russia is on the agenda. Eventually, Putin’s regime will vanish, and you, the people, can find prosperity, decency, and love for your neighbour.

Stop the war in Ukraine, protest. You, the people, are stronger than Putin’s government. You can make Russia free from his slavery.

You can make Russia a beauty of your world.

My dear wife and children, my family,
I Love you.
I Love you.
I Love you.

Aleksej Navalnyj is crying.

God bless you all.

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Telekinetic force in Metapsychic Correspondence



  One World - Two dimensions - Share Spirit World Insight

Spirit World Scenery

Excerpts from Spirit World Messages.

Your life in the Spirit World becomes a replica of your mind – the mind you created by your behaviour on Earth.

The suffering you caused on Earth will be your suffering and your destiny in the Spirit World.

The love, care and happiness you gave to others on Earth become your beauty in the Spirit World.

You made your home in the Spirit World by how you lived your life on Earth. There is no escape, no way around it; it is by mathematical presision

The Spirit World Scenery – In retrospect, a replica of your mind. The scenery of the Spirit World is Planet Earth, precisely what your mind perceives. Explore the Spirit World and your own anticipated scenery.

Illustrations –
These sceneries are as authentic in the Spirit World as our experience on Earth. You may experience a flower as a flower, touching it, smelling and enjoying its fragrance. The Spirit World is a real world, but another vibration, another substance aligned with the spirit body. You create with your thoughts because thoughts are substance. However, spirituality is the creative force and the Spirit World’s building blocks. Do not come empty-handed; see that you have climbed the spirituality ladder before entering the Spirit World.

Even though the scenery of the Spirit World may be beautiful, your mind presides; apparently, there are reasons why people choose reincarnation.


Heal the World

  One World - Two dimensions - Share Spirit World Insight

10. Proximity Healing

From ancient times people have tried to give comfort, rectify and cure illness, to help their friends, family and fellow beings. They have used their hands to wipe away the sweat and the tears; they have, by their hands, given of themselves, given love from their heart. Healing has been in existence from the very beginning when the word of love created you and I and gave life to the creation that you can see with your physical eyes, the physical universe, the love from God.

Christ also gave healing, as you know from the scriptures, because healing comes from the heart, comes from love. People of the earth, people of science, question healing. Can healing do wonders? God gave you the intellect to reason, to understand, to comprehend nature’s law. He gave you medical handicraft, he gave you medicine in nature for you to find cures, for you to help your brothers and sisters, and he also has given you the opportunity to heal by your own power, the power of love. All is there for you to find and employ for helping, for assisting your fellow beings and for creating the right atmosphere, the right conditions for people that are in despair, that are in illness, that just want to be well and fit again.

The placebo effect is there for you to comprehend, because when you know that you are being helped and you believe that this will be of benefit to you, your body reacts in a way where it strives to bring its energy into order. You see, my friend, you yourself can heal your body. You yourself are healing your wounds. You have an immunity system; you can heal yourself because you have this function of healing within. We are all mediums, we can all heal; we can give love, and it is by true love that you heal others and yourself.

Proximity healing is to be there, is to stay close, is to give of yourself, whether that is to lay your hands on a fellow being or to direct and give your energy to an individual for the process of healing to start, to bring in the right vibration, the vibration of love. That was what Christ did. He gave of himself, he gave love, and when you have become love, as Christ was, then you yourself can do wonders, then you can give of yourself to help individuals, to bring comfort to your fellow beings.

Does healing have an effect, does proximity healing function? Love created the universe, and God is love, so when you are connected to the power of love, when you yourself bring love to another human being, that has an effect, that is a flow of energy, it is substance, your thoughts are substance, and they have an effect upon individuals. This you know as well with your own feelings and the effect thoughts from others have upon yourself. You can be sad and you can be filled with joy. It is a vibration of thought that has reached your spiritual self that brings the energy within you into patterns, into electrical charges that fill you with a pleasant or unpleasant feeling. So, my friend, when you have this in mind you will also understand that healing and thoughts have an effect upon all living beings because you are of the same creation, you are of the same energy, you are of the same love, the same elements of the universe, that you were created by.

Use your intellect; use your logic and reasoning when you go to individuals that name themselves healers. Be cautious and know that love and unselfishness are the predominant factors that the healers should have and that make the right vibration for healing. Monetary gain is contradictory to the healing effort, but you also know that all people, healers and mediums as well, need to sustain their physical body, and when they have this as an occupation they need to supply themselves with the necessities in this material world.
Where money is involved, be cautious. You can always go to a friend that you know is of love if you need help to regain strength, and to bring love into your body, into your life because, my friend, we are all healers when we have love within, when we can unselfishly bring comfort, bring our fellow beings into a harmonious situation and position in life.

When you want to help someone, when you want to bring your comfort to another human being, then attend to that being in proximity. You talk to that human being, and you give your thoughts of care. Then, my friend, you are doing healing work because you give of yourself.
When you hold your hand on the head of an individual in discomfort, you are performing healing work, you are doing the will of your Father, you are bringing love to your fellow being, you are consoling, you give your own energy to that individual, that energy of love that brings that individual into repose. That is proximity healing, even though you do not know that you bring energy from yourself, the aura that you share with that person. Turn yourself to the energy, the source of life, to your heavenly Father, your heavenly Mother, to your Creator, and become love and you will be the hands of this universal love that created yourself, that gave you life.

When you have love in your heart, you are yourself a healer. Because we are all spirits of God brought to this earth plane in love, to bring love, to give of ourselves, to raise humanity spiritually, so you can bring peace and love to your fellow beings, to your brothers and sisters, to your big family on earth.


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