29. In Truth

The Creation of love brought alive on Earth,
A seed of love, manifested within,
Love from God on Earth,
That is you, my friend.

In truth, you are more than you can perceive,
You are more than you can see with your physical eyes.
In truth, you are a spirit of God, an eternal being,
A spirit that survives the physical death.

In truth, the physical body will perish one day;
You yourself will live on, your true self.
The character, the personality, is yours
Even though death takes the physical flesh away.

Life, death and life,
A continuing journey,
A wonderful journey to learn on Earth
The meaning of life,
The love that you can give of yourself.
What a wonderful life,
What a wonderful beauty of love you can give of yourself.

In truth, life is you.
In truth, God is within.
In truth, your will is for you to choose.
In truth, free will has been given to you.
In truth, we are one.

Your free will, make that God’s will,
Make that the will of love,
Love for everyone,
Care for everyone.

What you give, you receive.
When you give love, you receive love.
When you let egoism predominate over yourself, you create emptiness,
No place to be, no place in neither your world nor my world.
Leave that empty place and fill your heart with love,
Fill yourself will love,
That makes it beautiful, both in your world and my world.

A wonderful life is created by your own love
That you can share in truth.
That is God’s will, let that be your will, the will of love,
The beauty of life.

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41. Amen

God’s love is for everyone.
We are all equal, all human beings,
We are all children of God.

The little children, the next generation,
They live in hope for a better world,
For your love to create peace on earth,
For your love to heal the world.

See the little children, crying, hungry, poor,
God’s love is for them,
Let your love and care share the resources and wealth,
You are all equal.

The little children tell you to share your love amongst them,
To wipe away the tears of inequality.
The little children ask for your love to save the world from climate change,
From destroying the land of the misfortunate.

The little children pray to God that you make decisions for the world,
For this beautiful blue planet,
To create a world of love,
To create a world in peace,
To care, share and love everyone,
Because the little children see that they are one family,
All brothers and sisters.

Let God’s will be done.
God’s will is love; let that be your will,
Let that be your life,
So the little children can stretch their hands to you
With beautiful flowers of love,
So the little children can go out there in the world and smile
And thank you for your love, for the world that you created for them,
A peaceful world, a happy world.


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40. Love

Love is everything.
The leaf of a tree formed as a heart,
Formed as your own heart,
Made by love.

A creation, a symbol of love,
The green leaf, there for you to study,
There for you to see within yourself,
There for you to reflect on the tree itself,
All made perfect.

Many hearts brought alive by a tree,
Hearts of love
For you to comprehend God’s wisdom,
The heart within yourself,
Brought alive by the same power as the leaf, as the tree, as nature itself.

Your heartbeats,
The love that created you keeps your heart running,
The love that gave you life, that says to your heart,
“Keep running, keep running” until I say, my friend,
A new life, a new dimension, is there for you.

In love you will find the wisdom that there is no death,
That there is only life, many lives, many dimensions, many worlds.
A life was given to you on earth,
A life brought alive, with love, by God.

He gave you life to fulfil yourself, to fulfil his love,
To bring his love to your fellow beings,
To care and share your love.

Love is all there is,
Love is in every atom, every molecule on the earth plane,
Love is the air that you breathe in, God is everywhere, God is in you,
The love that made you.

Let your life be of love, so you can fulfil yourself,
Let the beauty within shine forth,
Let your love come into being by your own hands.

Love, care, share.
Let that be your life,
As it is revealed to you by nature itself,
By Mother Earth, your blue planet.

A wonderful home for you to care for,
For you to share in your family,
Let your home be of love,
So you can create peace on earth,
God’s love, your love.

Build your heaven within when on earth,
Build your heaven by love for your fellow beings,
So your heaven within can be heaven on earth,
A heaven built by the same force, the power of love that made your self.

Let your love shine forth on earth, a meadow of love, God’s love.
The wisdom , the truth of life.

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39. The Beauty Within

A butterfly is flying hither and thither.
You watch the butterfly when, all of a sudden, it finds a flower
Where you, for a while, can watch one of nature´s beauties,
The colours, the form, the shape that has been given to the butterfly.

A revelation to your inner self, a revelation of love given to you in nature
For you to know that there is wisdom,
That there is a creative force behind every creature,
Behind every specimen, behind all the beauties that you can perceive,
That you can watch and enjoy with your senses,
The beauty presented to your physical eyes, the scent from the flowers,
All in perfect order, all in perfect shape, brought alive like yourself.

This force, this wisdom, this love that created all, made you as well.
Yes, my friend, you as a human being were created by the same power as
The butterfly, as the flower.
The butterfly turned itself into such a wonderful creation from a pupa.
You, my friend, can create yourself into such beauty,
Into such love that you yourself become this wonderful butterfly
That takes your breath away when it is flying hither and thither,
Its beauty, its colours.

As with the butterfly brought alive from a pupa,
So can you give your love, strengthen yourself, by caring,
Sharing and loving, and become a butterfly, a beauty yourself,
A beauty within,
A beauty filled with love.

At birth you were given life by this power of love.
God gave you life to create a beauty within you,
To nourish this seed, to find the love that he gave you,
The love that you can give to Mother Earth, to your family on earth.

What a wonderful opportunity you have to raise yourself spiritually,
To find this love that created all,
That you are part of, the beauty within.

The love that you give to others will be your heaven, heaven within,
The heaven where you can have peace of mind,
Where you can find joy and happiness,
Both on your side and my side of life.

Let your beauty within, the beauty made by love, shine forth
And be a wisdom and knowledge for your fellow beings.
Make a path on earth, a path of love for others to follow
The beauty within you.

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38. Share

A world of suffering for many people,
A world of inequality,
A world of wealth and resources,
A world of egoism,
A world where everyone was given the opportunity to raise himself,
A life where you are given the wisdom in nature, within yourself,
The wisdom to see and perceive that you all are alike,
That you are all given a life as human beings,
Made equal to a new life,
Made perfect to share, care and love.

When you hear the cry of the little children,
When you listen carefully
To a cry, tears that seek understanding, that seek love,
When you see the tears that come from a little child, hungry, suffering,
Then remind yourself that you were made equal,
That you were brought alive, given the same love from your Creator,
The same beauties of life in nature,
The same planet Earth, to evolve.
Remind yourself of God’s love for you all,
That is an unconditional love
Given to all, the righteous and the non-righteous.

You were made out of this love.
Now, it is your hands of love that can share, care and love,
For people that are suffering, for your brothers and sisters.
Leave egoism and selfishness behind,
Let love predominate over your life
And in love you find the quality to share,
To share the resources and wealth of your world with your family,
With all the children that were brought to this planet by love,
Let your hands be of love,
God’s hands on earth can be your hands.

What a wonderful mission that you have for your life on earth!
Create a life of equality for all,
Wipe away the tears of the little children that are suffering,
Share your wealth, share your love, share the resources of your world,
You are all brothers and sisters.

When you come to my world, you will look back on your life.
The love that you brought, that made your path,
The traces after yourself, will be a wonderful beauty created within
Your inner self.
Remind yourself, and look back on your traces in life,
Remind yourself about the love that you were given,
The life that you received from your Creator,
A life to learn, to accomplish something beautiful.
That is what you can do by sharing, by giving of yourself,
By letting others come first,
By humbling yourself in love for your Creator, in love for your life,
In love for your brothers and sisters, for your family on earth.

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