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My message to the world

A Spirit World Message.

Listen carefully, my friend!
I am speaking to you from the world beyond,
I am not dead,
I am alive.
This is Nelson Mandela,
Dead to you, alive in a new world.

Planet earth, this beautiful blue planet,
Is in your hands,
A creation brought to life by God’s love,
A wonderful sight from space,
A planet in orbit around your star, the sun,
That gives you nutrition, that gives you life on earth,
All provided for before you were born.

It is your responsibility to fulfil this creation with your love,
with your care, so you can turn over your creation to the next generation,
A home sealed with love for your children;

Reconcile and create peace.
United Nations, the world is in your hands,
You can seal this world with love for the children of the world,
You can create heaven on earth,
You have the means.

Love and protect,
Human rights for all,
Wars must be banned,
Provide aid for the suffering, for the children, men and women,
They are crying out for a just world.

You have the means;
Reconcile, negotiate, and find common ground.
Nothing is impossible when you follow the wisdom of God,
The wisdom of love,
It created you; it created your world,
The mightiest power there is, you have in your hands.

One day, each and every one of you will look back on your life on earth,
Make sure that you will come to this world and smile for your effort,
For the love that you gave,
God’s love is for everyone, and you are God’s hands on earth.

Political leaders, listen to my sayings: humble yourselves,
One day you will negotiate peace;
Find the love that gave you life, the wisdom of God.
God bless you, my friends, and you will hear from me again,
I will watch you.
Let us all work for a better world,
Let us join forces and one day heaven shall descend upon earth,
Heaven that you have built within yourself.

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My Soul

A Spirit World Message.

I see the traces of myself,
The traces that I made on earth,
That I made in my soul,
I see myself, my earthly life.

I came to earth, brought into being by God’s love
For me to walk on earth once again, to learn,
To expiate earlier failures,
This is the wisdom of life I can see from my perspective on this side of life.

I had to learn again, through my life on earth,
The many mistakes we all make when climbing the path,
The path towards higher morality,
Towards our spiritual peak, oneness with our Creator,
Merging our love with the universal love, God’s love for all.

I deeply regret turning to an armed struggle for freedom,
There is one way only and that is through nonviolence.
I expiated my failures through reconciliation with the oppressor,
I reconciled to establish peace.

Human rights are there for you to comprehend,
You are here to protect your fellow beings,
You are here to care for the misfortunate, to help the sufferer.

Give love to your brothers and sisters regardless of belief, religion and ethnical belonging, regardless of their views and opinions about life.

On earth, spirits of high and low development live together,
You are here on earth to care for all people.

I see the traces of my self,
I see my soul,
The scars that my mistakes in life gave me,
And I see the beauty of my soul,
The reconciliation between my people, the nonwhites, and the oppressor, the white ruler.
That heightened my soul, healed my scars.

What I am telling you, my friend, is reality in the world beyond,
What you do to others, you do to yourself, to your own soul,
The love you give beautifies your soul.

The failures, the mistakes you make in life lower the vibration of your self,
Impair you,
Create wounds in your soul.
That is the truth.
Create heaven within when on earth, through your love for others, so you can beautify your spiritual self, your real self, when on earth.

One day you will come to this side of life, the world beyond,
Then your heaven will become a reality,
Your soul will find its place where it belongs,
Heaven or hell, your own mind.

In God’s justice there are always new opportunities,
That is why you have many lives on earth,
That is why you came back to earth when you did not fulfil yourself,
Accomplish your task.

Your mind creates reality in my world,
Your mind is your soul,
It is not a belief; it is a reality on earth as in heaven.

We have love for all,
We have love for you,
I come to you to tell about my soul.
Learn from me, I see the traces of myself, as you will one day.

There is no eternal hell in God’s love.
You will learn one day, and you will raise yourself spiritually.
Why wait my friend?
Become love today and give of yourself,
Bring your love to your fellow beings, your family on earth,
So you, when you come to my side of life, can smile when you see the traces that your love made in your earthly life.

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The truth of life, let it be born in you

A Spirit World Message.

A wonderful sunflower,
Reflecting the light from above,
A creation built by love,
The sunflower gives you the wisdom of life,
The light that shines upon you both, the love that gives you life.

The sun drives your ecological system on earth,
Gives you warmth, water and food,
Gives life to earth,
God’s creation,
Your life.

Nature gives you the truth of life,
The truth of yourself.
Life is given to you in love,
Love is the power that keeps your heart running,
The heartbeats of love, God’s love.

In nature the sun reveals to you the colours of the creations
For you to enjoy,
For you to reflect upon life,
For you to search within.

The seed of love gave you birth on earth
For you to learn,
For you to raise yourself from the material elements of life
To a higher being with spiritual knowledge, God’s wisdom.

The passions of human beings in the flesh
Teach you aspects of material life,
Teach you right from wrong, the moral aspect of life,
How to care,
How to love,
How to share.

You are here to master your selfish desires,
To learn about life, the passions of life.
The truth of life is there, open your eyes,
Gain knowledge; find your real self, the truth of yourself,
Let it be born in you
That you are an eternal being,
That there is no death,
That your life here on earth is but one dimension of life.

Many worlds, many lives.
When you find the seed of love, the truth of yourself,
You have God’s wisdom in your hands, God’s love,
Share that love with your fellow beings and you fulfil your mission on earth,
Your plans for your earthly life,
God’s plan for you.

Heaven within is built through love for your brothers and sisters on earth,
The truth of life, let it be born in you.

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Many prophets – one religion

A Spirit World Message.

Unite your faith in God,
Ancient times – wise souls,
Another culture, part of the evolution,
Ancient wisdom – God’s wisdom
Unite your faith in love.

Many prophets on earth,
Many regrets in my world.

Prophetic words made out of love,
Love for each other,
Sayings that are of truth,
Man’s desire for wisdom,
Ever there,
Your evolution,
Prophetic words of love, of truth, of God.

Prophetic words with selfish desire, intolerance, without love,
Man’s vanity,
Man’s creations.

My friend,
Prophetic words are for you to comprehend,
Prophetic words that are of God are of love for you all,
Distinguish between the words, the scriptures, that are of truth and those that are man’s desire,
Words of love are of God, the wisdom for you to distinguish right from wrong.

Use your logic and reasoning,
A capacity that has been given to you by the Almighty Spirit for you to comprehend his wisdom.
Many prophets, many religions,
God has given you one religion,
One religion in one word “love”.

Love is the key to your inner self,
Love will open the door to heaven
That you build through love for your brothers and sisters on earth,
Your paradise, the kingdom of love.

Unite your faith in God,
Many prophets, one religion,
The religion of love,
Love for all.

Become love yourself,
Be one with God, the unconditional love of the universe,
Unite your faith in love.

Many prophets, ordinary people,
Messengers of God,
Messengers of love.
Become a prophet; serve your fellow beings by love for all,
Care, Share and Love, God’s words,
Let them be your words in your life on earth.

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Have faith in God

A Spirit World Message.

There is one God
That is love, the wisdom,
The power that gives life,
That created all there is by His love for us all.

Religions share one common objective in life,
The fundament of your self,
Have faith in God,
Have faith in love.

Why do you fight the power behind yourself?
How can you fight the source of life, love itself?
Religions have one common ground and that is love,
God is this power,
The unconditional love of the universe.

Stop fighting each other in the name of religion,
You are all the same; you are all children of the same Creator,
Regardless of belief, regardless of religion,
When you bring love to your fellow beings, to any child on earth, you are a messenger of love,
A messenger of God.

You who fight your fellow beings, you have gone astray,
You have lost sight of the light that shines upon you every day,
God’s power that gives you nutrition for life.

Nelson Mandela is speaking to you from the world beyond,
Reconcile, my friends, reconcile with your brothers and sisters,
Seek forgiveness, find the truth.
God is love and to be in his kingdom of love,
Your mission is to care, share and love.

Have faith in love,
Have faith in God,
That is where you find peace,
That is where you build heaven within,
The paradise you will meet on this side of life one day,
The paradise you can create on earth brought to life by love,
Not by fighting each other.

Cruelty and slaughter bring disaster to your own mind,
Create your own hell, on earth as in my world,
Your traumas become a reality on this side of life.
Reconcile, my friend, find the truth, and seek forgiveness when on earth,
Help your adversaries as you help your comrades; they are all your friends
Regardless of beliefs, creed and religious dogmas or ethnic belongings.
The same spirit of love created you all,
Brought you here to this plane of life to learn,
to raise yourself spiritually,
To find the seed of love that keeps your heart running every day,
The unconditional love of your Creator, the Almighty Spirit.

It is not too late,
Have faith in God,
Turn yourself to the power of love within
And the light will shine in front of you, God’s light,
And give you a new path in life,
The path to the kingdom of love.
Have faith, my friend, have faith in God, and trust in the spirit of love,
The unconditional love of the universe.

No one is forgotten,
You shall all one day become part of the light of love,
Even the spirit with the lowest spirituality will one day see the light,
And shall climb to the highest,
And we shall all rejoice.

Let love be your path in life, love for all.
Become love yourself and you are one with God,
Have faith, my friend.

God is always there waiting for your call,
Your prayers are being listened to when you have love in your heart.

Leave your selfish desires behind
And your spirit of love will emerge and be a light for others.
A wonderful mission is there for you, a mission of love on earth.

Remember, love made us all.
Let us all fulfil the creation that was brought to life for us,
The creation of love, Planet Earth, your life, one world, our world.

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