Charles Richet


Charles Richet

Charles Richet, PhD received The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1913, in recognition of his work on anaphylaxis, Nobel Lecture. Another subject he did tremendous research on was Metapsychics. Read his book “Thirty Years of Psychical Research, being a Treatise on Metapsychics” to gain a better understanding of phenomena of the seance room, the meeting place between this world and the spirit world.

Thirty Years of Psychical Research
Being A Treatise on Metapsychics;

Excerpt from page 599 of his book.

Testimony is abundant and proofs innumerable. Decisive proofs are repeated daily. In this book, which is a collection of facts rather than an exposition of doctrine, I have intentionally multiplied instances at the risk of producing weariness and boredom. The authority of the witnesses and the mass of repeated proofs are such that doubt is not warranted. Cryptesthesia, telekinesis, ectoplasms, and premonition seem to me founded on granite; that is to say, on hundreds of exact observations and hundreds of rigorous experiments. The thing is a certainty; and even though among these thousands of observations there may be defects, gaps, errors, and illusions, sometimes mistakes of testimony, occasionally trickeries, more often casual coincidence, still more often ill-considered assertions, still the thing is certain. It is not possible that all these observers should never have made mistakes, but the whole constitutes a sheaf of testimony so large and homogeneous, that no criticism of details, however acute, will be able to disintegrate and disperse.


1. There is in us a faculty of cognition that differs radically from the usual sensorial faculties (Cryptesthesia).

2. There are, even in full light, movements of objects without contact (Telekinesis).

3. Hands, bodies, and objects seem to take shape in their entirety from a cloud and take all the semblance of life (Ectoplasms).

4. There occur premonitions that can be explained neither by chance nor perspicacity, and are sometimes verified in minute detail.

Such are my firm and explicit conclusions. I cannot go beyond them.

To admit telekinesis and ectoplasms is not to destroy even the smallest fragment of science; it is but to admit new data, and that there are unknown energies. Then why be indignant, when, on the basis of thousands of observations and experiments, we affirm one of those unknown energies?

Everything that is not in formal contradiction with known facts is possible. Well, materializations and telekinesis do not contradict one single established scientific fact. That a hand having all the attributes of a living hand should be formed from a whitish cloud in no way nullifies the laws of circulation, nutrition, and structure of a normal hand. It is new fact but not a contradictory one.

Spirit World Insight

Medicine was my expertise and the background for my Psychical Research. So many years actively engaged in this universal investigation: where did we come from? why are we here on earth? and where are we heading after the physical flesh is gone? the ultimate question for every intelligent human being on earth. We are given a mind, a brain to evolve, to find answers, to find ourselves, the spirit that drives our physical bodies.

We are alive, we who once walked our steps on earth. Yes, even we who questioned the norms, the belief systems, the doctrines of religions, we who did not take part in anything other than scientific research.

Presented here on this website is my 30 years of psychical research, indeed an experience for you to build on, for you to explore through quantum physics. Consciousness is a vital part of quantum physics. There you are at the core of exploring the thin veil that separates us, the veil between the spirit world and the material world, the barrier that is there for you to conquer, for you to solve the mystery of. Prepare the ground for scientific research within quantum physics, and you will be guided from this side of life by scientists who have the same objective as yourself: to give the glorious message to the world that there is no death.

Charles Richet (transcript by Jostein Strommen)

Spirit World Insight

Charles Richet - It is impermissible to inflict suffering on any of God’s creations.


The messages on Physical Mediumship from Mina Crandon are in collaboration with Charles Richet.

Franek Klusky - The Institut Métapsychique International (IMI)

Franek Klusky – Materialised hands in Wax, plaster moulded. Source: The Institut Métapsychique International (IMI)

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand

Ectoplasm exuded from Mina Crandon´s Solar Plexus, in the process of materialising a spirit hand trying to make a fingerprint.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit hand

The “shake hands” with a materialised spirit hand.

Mina Crandon - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus

Mina Crandon was scrutinised to such a degree that she even nude gave evidence of ectoplasm materialising spirit-hand from Solar Plexus.

Walter Stinson - Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus of Mina Crandon purports to be her brother Walter Stinson

Walter Stinson – Ectoplasmic spirit-hand materialised from Solar Plexus of Mina Crandon purports to be her brother Walter Stinson.

The Holy Water

A Spirit World Message by White Bear.

Religions in your world have used holy water, have used blessed water, blessed by the Almighty Spirit, from ancient times. The water has been sanctified, has been part of rituals as the sacrament of baptism. It has been given as a sign of purity and used for purification.

I can say this, my friend, that when the water is truly blessed in love, it will change in behaviour, in character, because your thoughts will influence the molecules, the elements, of the water. You know from science that water is made of hydrogen and oxygen, two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen, and when these three elements connect to each other they become water as ice, vapour or liquid. You are breathing in water from the air, from the atmosphere every day. It is part of your life. You are made up of 70 to 80% water yourself, your body. Imagine what influence, what impact, you can have on yourself with thoughts of love, when you know that thoughts influence the water elements in your body. The water molecules are alive, they are part of God’s wisdom, they are part of the creation, and it would be in-comprehensible to say that in the universe, which has an abundance of these elements of water in various forms, these elements should not have an impact on your life, and in your body.

Blessed water when given love is being transformed; it brings about a transformation, because thoughts are sub-stance. Thoughts that are pure and of love bring purity to your mind and to your body, to the water within yourself. Thoughts that are evil, thoughts that contradict the nature of yourself, the love that you were created by, do not beautify yourself, do not enhance your spiritual self, and do not create heaven within you. Evil thoughts create emptiness, and then the water will not purify itself, will not come into harmony, will not be in oneness with the love of your Father who is the infinite love of the universe.

Everything has been built by the elements of the universe. In prayer, you can direct your thoughts towards other human beings, towards all living beings and you can bring love, and then, my friend, that love turns into a purification of yourself, of the water that you consist of, of the spirit that you have within yourself, the spirit that can never die, your eternal self. Your spirit is of energy, the power of love from your Creator.

The physical self − your spirit makes your body, how you behave, how you bring thoughts to yourself, to your mind and towards others, because your mind, your thoughts are alive, as the water. It is substance, and then, my friend, you can imagine what kind of power that you have within, that you can bring to your physical self so your body and the water that you are made of, that you consist of, can be made holy, because you yourself are a sacred temple. You have a beauty within that you were given at birth by your Cre-ator, the love that you should bring to the world, so you could transform your world, the water of your world, the human beings of your world and Mother Nature, into the creation of love, that your Father brought to you at the very beginning.

When you bring love to the water in you and your world, you make it holy, because you yourself are holy, you are a spirit of God, and you can make a difference. You can bring the knowledge, the wisdom of God to your fellow beings; you can be a messenger of the truth of life.

On the Bridge of Love, we can meet in love, and have communion blessed by the Almighty Spirit. There is a flow of water under this bridge that is made holy by love. Your Father purifies it, and it is there for you to drink on this bridge. Drink the love from your Creator. The Bridge of Love is built by his hands, and his creation is blessed by the water, and made holy. It is blessed by love, his love for you all.

Love makes the water holy, because God is love. When you bring love, when you bless the water and give the water to a friend that needs the comfort, that needs the healing of the water, then you, my friend, can sanctify this water by prayer, by a prayer for the love that you yourself can give, that you receive from the world be-yond, from your Father in heaven. You can bring love to your fellow beings; you can heal when you bring love. Love is healing. Love purifies.

Let the holy water purify yourself, become love and you turn your thoughts and your mind into oneness with your Father, your Creator, with God. The water has the wis-dom of God. Reflect the wisdom of your Creator. Water has memory; water can transform itself by thought. Water can heal you when blessed with love.

Our Mission

A Spirit World Message by White Bear.

In your society, in your world today, there is a shift towards nationalism towards segregation, towards a culture where selfish ends, where egotism, where ignorance and arrogance are foremost in many people’s minds. All this contradicts nature’s laws, God’s laws, which are love for everyone, unity, equality, and caring and sharing. On these grounds, people can join a mutual understanding, a common ground, for what has been given you all, not a few. God does not differentiate between you; the sun shines upon you all. You do the opposite when you let egotism dominate your life. Then you let the sunshine upon a few, yourself, and not your neighbour.

Have you forgotten the scriptures that are of love? God has given you simple rules to follow, for you to find happiness, and for you to create peace on earth. “Love your neighbour as yourself.” In the spirit world, we who once walked our steps on your side of life know the truth of life: there is no death, and what you created on the earth is your “curriculum vitae” on this side of life. Your traces will not vanish. Turn yourself around. Watch the suffering children of the world. You can be an example to follow. You can start eradicating poverty. You can bring equality to the lips of your people, equality and justice for all. Then you become God’s hands-on earth, bringing his wisdom of love to your people.

Let us make a cultural shift where love is foremost. Then equality, human rights and care will follow, and a new society will emerge, based on love, respect and democratic principles, the good values of life.

Safety Precautions

A Spirit World Message by White Bear.

When you go to a physician, you know that the physician has had a long education, many years of studying, many years of practicing, and you know that a good physician will examine you with caution and take all considerations into their examination before they give you a prescription for a medication that will handle your illness. If you have a feeling that something is wrong with a particular part of your body, and when this is beyond their field of competence, they will send you forward to an expert that has further education and training for such body parts.

The physicians of the earth have acquired the knowledge that your physical body is so complex, so intricate, that they have to specialise within separate fields of your body, within this universe of yourself, and so it is with other occupations on earth as well. You need education and practice before you can act as a professional, and mediumship is no exception. As with all professions within human care, you need to be precautious, you need to have education, you need to study, you need to have the necessary training and practice before you can give any qualified advice to your fellow beings.

My friend, it sounds so simple to contact the spirit world, and to create the Bridge of Love. But you have to be cautious because you are entering a world where you, similarly to the physician who cannot see and know everything within the body, cannot see the hidden world with your physical eyes. You have to examine the spirits that are trying to communicate with you. You have to know who is there. You have to prepare yourself, to question the spirits, to know that they are who they claim to be, that they have the spirituality and the love within themselves that you are seeking, because there are spirits of different spirituality. There are good spirits, that have raised themselves spiritually, and there are undeveloped spirits, spirits of low spirituality, spirits that may deceive you, that may give you wrong advice.

To achieve communication with good spirits, with spirits of higher spirituality, you will need to study spirituality and you will need to start from the first class raising your spirit, and you raise yourself by leaving selfishness behind, by filling yourself with love that you share with other fellow beings. You raise yourself by casting aside your vanity, greed and need for power, and you raise yourself by cultivating love and honesty. Be truthful to yourself foremost, seek God and send your prayers to your spirit guide for guidance. Your spirit guide is your guardian angel that is watching over you in your endeavours to reach higher, but your spirit guide needs your cooperation, discipline and patience, because undeveloped spirits are all around and when they have a chance to influence you with their interests and their frivolous thoughts, they might do so.

You are your master. You have your free will, and you have to build the strength within yourself. You do this first of all by studying spirituality, because you have to raise yourself in spirituality to be a good medium, to give good advice to yourself and other human beings.
I say that these are the precautions before you make any contact with the spirit world, before you even think about building the Bridge of Love. When you raise yourself in spirituality, you nurture the seed of God that you received at birth, you raise yourself towards your Father in heaven, and you have the knowledge of the dangers of the spirit world.

My friend, on earth you have good people, and you have undeveloped human beings that you would call bad people. Now, when you walk into a park at night, you use your reasoning and take your precautions, because you do not know who is in the darkness, and therefore you walk with other people that give strength as a group. In that manner you protect your-­‐self and you can walk into the park and know that you are safe.

So it is when you arrange for a meeting with the spirit world. For mental mediumship you can sit in daylight. For physical mediumship darkness must prevail, similarly to the condition of a child that develops in the womb of the mother before the child can see the daylight at birth. When you make contact with the spirit world for physical mediumship, you do not sit alone in darkness, because when you sit with other human beings, building the Bridge of Love, you are taking precautions similar to walking in the park with other people for your own safety. That is the way to achieve a safe communication between our two worlds. When you sit in daylight for mental mediumship, you can sit alone because then the daylight is your protection.

In your daily life you take safety precautions, and so it is when you make a contact with the spirit world. It is not different. You have people of the earth that you do not want to approach and do not want to speak to, because you have your free will and you approach the people you want to be in communication with, and so it is with communication towards the spirit world. You have free choice and free will.

If you do not fulfil the precautions that we advise you to take before entering into communication with the spirit world, we recommend you abstain from any contact with this unseen world, because then it will not be a safe undertaking when you do not know who you are in communication with. It is similar to the physician that does not have the necessary training and practice within a special field. Then, we do not recommend you approach such a physician because they have the potential to give you the wrong advice.

Extensive study of spirituality is a prerequisite for mediumship, for establishing the communication line between the earth plane and the spirit world. The more you can raise yourself, the further you will reach in the spirit world among beings of higher spirituality. Seek God, pray for assistance, and establish a safe communication between our two worlds. Then you may enter into communion on the Bridge of Love where you can build the bridge with the hands of your Father in heaven, a bridge of pure love, and love is the power of the universe. Then, my friend, you are in the safe hands of your Almighty Father.


A Spirit World Message by White Bear.

When you were born, you were given your life here on earth. God gave you the opportunity to attend the school of life, because that is your earthly life. It is certainly a school, a wonderful school where you will experience all the passions, where your spirit will be tried to learn right from wrong, and you will meet a stony road where you will have to struggle either physically or mentally.

You were given this opportunity for your spirit to raise itself towards the light of love that brought you to this plane of life. You are here to live your life in full. You were created by God’s hands with a physical body. The seed of love is within you. God’s love for you. Your spirit drives your physical self. Your spirit is a child of God. That is you, my friend.

God determines when your life on earth is accomplished. Euthanasia is man-made. God gave you life to live, not to cut short. When your life on earth has been accomplished, God terminates your life, because God is love, and he knows when the time has come, when you have fulfilled your task.

You were given medicine, medical treatment to relieve suffering. That is God-given. Palliative care and treatment for terminal illnesses are there for you to end your life in a dignified manner. Palliative treatment will relieve your suffering and pain. In this world, the world beyond, souls who have committed suicide did not fulfil themselves in the eyes of the Almighty Spirit, and they have to attend to their lessons again.

Euthanasia by physicians is homicide. When you have medical treatment to alleviate pain and suffering, there is no excuse.
Souls who come to this side of life, whether they have committed suicide or asked for euthanasia, suffer due to their wrong decisions. Because it is not God’s will that you cut short lives. You are here to experience and to give of yourself. On this side of life, you will be met with love and understanding, but I am saying this to you who have such thoughts in your mind, it is wrong to take one’s life, no matter what.

Before you came to earth, you had planned your journey; you had planned your mission, your tasks to do, to perform, to raise yourself spiritually. And I can assure you that euthanasia was not part of your plan. You know now the truth from this side of life, and what you can expect. When you have this knowledge that there is no death, that your life was given to you in love, you also know that God has a plan for you. Search within yourself, and you will find the answer that God will come to you the day you have fulfilled your life and release you from your physical flesh.
God bless you, my friend.