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LOVE IS EVERYTHING – listen to or read the 22 lectures from White Bear, the Native American Leader in spirit.

1. The Almighty Spirit

2. The meaning of life

3. Communication with the spirit world

4. The beauty within

5. Love is everything

6. Sacrifice

7. Materialism

8. Knowledge dispels fear

9. Spiritual awareness and development

10. Meditation

11. Building your character

12. Religion

13. Reincarnation

14. Signs to look for

15. Prayer

16. Spirituality

17. Charity

18. Dreams and consciousness

19. Healing

20. Miracles or nature’s law

21. The universe

22. Your ultimate destination


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21. The universe

When you look up to the sky you see during the night endless stars. The universe is infinite and so is your life. It is an evolution. A new star is born, another star dies and so it is with you. You are born and you die from the physical plane, but during your life you are a star. A star that can shine so bright that you will notice the brightness in the sky. That brightness comes with your spiritual awareness, knowing that God is in you and everywhere in the universe. God is infinite as the universe. God is universal. The system of the universe is perfect. God is perfect. Everything is in order. There is a plan, an infinite plan. For the universe is God’s plan.

There is a universe that you need a microscope to discover on earth. You can’t see it with your physical eyes, but it is there. So it is with the spirit world. You cannot see it with your physical eyes, but it is there, another vibration and another substance. The spirit world is endless endless consciousness. We have many spheres, infinite worlds, in our universe. Infinite spheres of being, and infinite spheres of consciousness. You see, the universe is more than you can grasp with your mind in your physical body. That is why you are given the opportunity and the intellect to search and to find answers. There is much to strive for. Your mind would not be satisfied otherwise. There are always new possibilities, because the creation is endless. It is there for your joy, it is there for you to always discover new aspects of life.

My friend, the treasure in life is to seek and find God, to find love within your heart, within your mind, within your whole being. That is your destiny and your future. It is your mind that you need to build in love. The physical aspect of life is only there to help you achieve a higher consciousness. We are all part of the universe, the consciousness of the universe, and our thoughts create our future. Be mindful of your thoughts. They are there as a tool for reaching higher. Your inner self is a universe of your own, and it is infinite. You are an infinite being. By love, peace and harmony in life and by helping others, you raise your inner consciousness and your part of the universal consciousness.

Remember the microscope, the small beings you cannot see with your physical eyes. They have all their tasks to perform and so do you. Even though you don´t see how your tasks can contribute to a universal consciousness, they do. We all have a mission. Strive for your mission, strive for love and strive to love your fellow beings. Then you are on the divine and right path in the universe. Love is universal, and the power of the universe is love.

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22. Your ultimate destination

To be with God, in union with him is the destination you are striving for, that you are fighting for, that you should work for day by day, climbing the ladder step by step. Your spirituality is all that matters, attaining perfection in morality, in your character and in love for your fellow beings. That´s the mission we all have.

You have God inside you. God is not something out there. He is right here, but you have to raise your consciousness, and see above materiality because when you break that barrier of consciousness, you will see the spiritual aspect of life.

You have to tune in, my friend. Tune in to the channel of love. In your daily work, in your daily activities and in your communication with others, be truthful to yourself and be honest. Nothing is hidden when you come to this side. Your life on earth will be open. There will be no secrets, so start today repairing the earthly mistakes that you have done. We have all done mistakes, and we have to repair them by charity, by helping others wherever we can. Then, my friend, you are travelling the pathway of love and peace towards the kingdom of God that you have inside yourself, because you are not travelling anywhere. In the terms of the earth, you are where you are. Seek inside you, that’s where your universe is. Travel in that universe and you will find beauties that you didn’t know were there.

On this side, we don’t have space, nor time. Where we want to be, is where we are, where we are supposed to be. Because your character that you made for yourself on earth decides your destination when you come to this side. You will then know that what you did to others, you did to yourself. We are all one. God is the centre. God is in every one of us, but you have to search and find the pathway. He will listen and open the door when the time is there.

Our world, the spirit world, has many spheres of consciousness that you cannot see nor achieve, spheres that are of a higher consciousness than where you are at present.

What you make out of the school of life that you are in at the moment, decides you destination, your consciousness that you bring over to this side.

In our world you will receive love and understanding, and you will have the option for further development. You have free will, but you will benefit if you increase in spirituality before you come to live with us. We are here to help you to do the right things on earth, and to achieve your true mission on earth.

When you have done your mission and your time comes for leaving the earth plane, then you will enter this world in joy and peace, knowing that your life on earth was not wasted, but crowned by the Almighty. Do the best you can my friend, then you will have completed your mission on earth.

God bless you.

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20. Miracles or nature’s law

Mankind is equipped with nature’s laws that it does not understand and cannot comprehend. Many things that are shown to mankind are beyond science that you know of today. There are powers in the universe that cannot be measured due to its intricate and complex environment that you should operate within to understand. See, the power of God does not follow the scientific approach of human beings. It is far beyond. When the signs of the earth, as you call miracles, do not give repetitive answers in the same manner as with material scientific methods, scientists or researchers disclose facts as not scientific proof. But I can tell you this, that when you have the right environment with a loving atmosphere, with humbleness, with the right kind of energy surrounding you, then you will have repetitiveness and you will have results that will prove to mankind that they only know a fraction of nature’s laws.

We know exactly what scientists are afraid of when proposing results on spiritual phenomena that are obvious, but that cannot be scientifically proved. They are afraid of losing their credibility. To them I can say this: Someday you will be proven right. Do not give up, go forward and you will be guided and helped by the spirit world from scientists that are eager to help, eager to accomplish the tasks of the earth that they themselves didn’t either have the courage or knowledge to disclose when they were on earth. Show your world your results when you are still alive in your physical body.

My friend, there are no miracles. Everything is according to nature’s law. Healing is the power of love, which is as real as every material substance on earth. Listen to your inner self, find your own spirituality and you will comprehend the complexity of the universe. When we use healing as an example, I can say to you this: There will be no healing effect without the right attitude, without love, tolerance and humbleness. Didn’t Christ say “Do you believe”, he was trying by that to obtain the energy for healing. Christ showed the way, and the people of the earth do not want to listen. You need to be at one with the Father in heaven, in love and peace within yourself for healing to work, for the power to work.

When the power of what you call Telekinesis is shown, it is beyond your comprehension. Telekinesis is the power of the mind lifting objects. For an object to level out gravity and raise itself from physical matter, it needs to apply the energy of love, the energy that is not known to the world of materiality. But it is there; it is real, because you can see the object lifting itself with your physical eyes. It is not an illusion anymore. We encourage the people of the earth to investigate with an open mind and a humble heart, and for those that are seeking, the door will be open. In the right conditions, you will be able to explore the power of love, the power of thought, the power of God. It is a challenge to you given by the Almighty Father. Conquer yourself; go beyond the material aspect of scientific research, then you will find the treasure and the truth of life. Connect with the spirit world. We are not dead people, we are alive, we are more alive then you ever imagine.

For us, thoughts, the substance of thought is what we apply to create. We create our surroundings by thought. We are of the creative world and you are of the mechanical world. Let us meet in between and exchange ideas, exchange the knowledge of the universe. Come into communion with us, and we will show that everything is nature’s law, and that there are no miracles. Expand your outlook, don’t limit yourself to the material aspect, reach higher, and reach above your present mind to the spiritual level. There is your treasure in life.

Your thoughts are more then just air. They are real, they are of substance, they are as real as yourself, your physical self. When you transfer your thoughts to another person you go by Telepathy. So when you know that Telepathy works, you have to stretch yourself further and see what you can explore with your mind inside yourself, because that is where your heaven is. You create your heaven inside yourself, the heaven you will meet on this side of life, because what you create you shall receive. Create love and you shall receive love within your mind. You create your own paradise, which is your consciousness. Everything is there in your mind. Nothing is lost. Do not expect miracles on either side of life. Everything is nature’s law, which is cause and effect. You reap as you sow. It is there for you to discover the realities of the universe given by the Almighty for his love for his children on earth.

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19. Healing

Healing is to help the spiritual body be in harmony with itself and the physical body. Spiritual awareness is part of healing. How can you otherwise heal yourself and others? Healing energy is coming from above. It’s a connection you make to the spirit world, a connection to the beam of light when your spiritual vibration can reach that light. That is why spiritual awareness is of fundamental knowledge before healing of any kind can be accomplished. Healing takes many forms. Colours of this world have a vibration, and they all have an effect upon your spiritual being in different ways. Magnetic fields are another approach, but the fundamental key to healing is love, because love is vibration as with colours, as with magnetic fields. As a healer your innermost being must be in harmony and at peace with itself, and this peace vibration will be transferred to the person in need as healing power from within yourself. We are all healers dependent on our spirituality.

All has to do with development of oneself, of the healing energy within. First of all and foremost, heal yourself by searching for God inside you, for your spiritual pathway. Humble yourself, leave selfishness behind, be truthful to yourself and ask yourself before you do anything: Am I in a position to heal this individual unselfishly? Then my friend, give of yourself and let the flow of energy meet that person, the flow of love.

The medical technology and development is part of God’s gift to humanity. Even so, many diseases can be healed by purely healing. However, you are also given the opportunity to use the medical handicraft. Medicine has been developed to heal diseases, and both healing and medical treatment is necessary and part of God’s plans for humanity to prosper.

We are all here on earth to conquer ourselves, our spiritual being and our physical body foremost, so that your spiritual being can show the way for your physical being, because our spiritual being knows the pathway to love, to truthfulness with oneself, to honesty and love for our fellow beings.

All healing must be done in love. Then you will be guided from this side, and the energy will flow. The power of love will flow through yourself to the individual you want to help. That is how healing works. That’s what healing was meant to be by the Creator. That’s healing in practice. Healing is love.

You cannot see the power in the electricity cable with your physical eyes, but you know the power is there. That is the same with the power of love, that you cannot see with your physical eyes, but can feel with your spiritual being. It is a flow of energy as with the energy in the electrical cord. Connect yourself, your spiritual being, to this power line of love, and you will be shown the way. Raise yourself spiritually, and you will be a light for others to follow.

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