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Mahatma Gandhi - Break the Taboo of Death

My friend, this is Mahatma Gandhi speaking.

I am alive – alive in your world. People on earth cannot see us, but we are still here amongst you when that is our desire. When you enter the threshold of death, a new life, a new world is revealed for your eyes.

God is the supreme power.
God is our religion.
God is the beauty of life.
We are of God, the unconditional love of the universe.

We are here to guide you, to break you free of the taboo of death. When you realize this fact, the true nature of life itself, that we are eternal, it will be life-changing. It will be a significant event in your earthly life.

The spirit world is vast. The spirit world can be a beautiful place for everyone if you cast aside the religious dogmas that are not of love, not of love for everyone.

Jesus the Master told you, “Love thy neighbour as thyself”. Keep this simple rule of life in your heart, and you can and will take part in the beautification of yourself, your fellow beings, and your world because it is through love that you beautify yourself and gain the beauties in the spirit world.

Nonviolence was my salvation.
Violence ruins your life.
Let us join forces.

Realize that death is given to you by God to find your real self when you have completed your earthly life. God gave us life on earth to learn to raise ourselves towards the beauty within, towards God’s love for us all. That is why we are given many lives on earth to become like him, Godlike, where love is all that matters.

I live in a beautiful world because nonviolence, love and humbleness were my innermost values, and I spoke them aloud in your world. You can all find this beauty, this beautiful world, when you one day leave the earth. Love is the key, and God is the gateway.

We are here on earth for you.
We are here to show you the way,
and we are here with the blessing of God.


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THE DREAM IS ALIVE – Martin Luther King Jr. in Spirit

Martin Luther King Jr. -THE DREAM IS ALIVE

My friend, this is Martin Luther King Jr. speaking.

When I see the conditions of your world, tears are running down my cheeks. I had a dream, and I still have the same dream that I proclaimed under the statue of Abraham Lincoln, my friend in the spirit world, the emancipator of slavery.

Fifty years have passed since I was assassinated. What have you learned? What have you learned about the inequalities, poverty, cruelty, atrocities, wars, and selfish acts of man? What have you learned from my speeches, from my non-violent demonstrations for peace and love? All who gave of themselves in these peaceful demonstrations stood up against oppression.

On earth, you have the wealth to eradicate poverty. With the knowledge of survival, you can understand that you will meet yourself at the door to this side of life and see who you are because you come naked. Only your character, your deeds – the care, the love you gave to others will benefit your self, your real self, and your spirit.

Man judges himself after the physical death. Thus, selfish acts on earth have no value in the spirit world. On the contrary, it tears you down, your spiritual self.

You came to earth to evolve, to reach higher, to find God within, the spark of light that carried you and gave you life to learn on earth.

Tears are running down my cheeks. I still have the same dream, the dream of dignity and respect for all, regardless of race, sex or colour. United Nations have a profound position to carry the same principles of love for all.

I see the atrocities in the war zone. Children are crying, the same tears running down their cheeks as my own, because I am one of them. I am one of these suffering children. When you hurt these innocent children, you hurt me, and you hurt yourself because we are one. We are God’s creation. When you one day come to the spirit world, you will comprehend my sayings in full. You come naked with the character you built on earth, visible to everyone. See that you can stand up and see your brothers and sisters in their eyes with love in your heart for everyone.

My speech today through the medium, channelling my thoughts, expressing my tears for your world, is a hope for a better world, for raising humanity to a higher level of dignity.

When you give love to a fellow being, you are God’s hands. Remember this, my friend. When you stretch your hand out to the sufferer, it is a hand built by love created by God. What an excellent opportunity you all have to raise yourself spiritually towards the light within, so you one day can come to this world, the spirit world and be crowned for your beauty, the beauty you gave to others on earth.

Let the dream come to you. Let the dream become a reality. It is your dream as well as the dream of the spirit world. God bless you, my friends; God bless you all. I will watch over you. God sees everything, and we are all of God. We are all of his creation.


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THE EMANCIPATOR – Abraham Lincoln in spirit


Abraham Lincoln - The Emancipator

White Bear introduces his friend, Abraham Lincoln (1809 – 1865), former President of the United States (1861 – 1865).

Good morning my friend. Abraham Lincoln is speaking to you. I have watched you and your friends from this side of life. I have followed your work, your eagerness and energy in telling the truth of life, that there is no death.

I attended my funeral. I was immediately aware of the moment of my assassination. My real self, my true self, survived, the spirit of God that was given me at birth to fulfil myself on my journey for the emancipation of slaves, ending slavery, which is contradictory to man’s free will, given to every child at birth by our Creator. Today I see slavery in many forms; the disasters of your world; the wars and famine, children longing for freedom, food – nutrition, education, and work, for a just life with respect and dignity where free will is part of human life.

Gross negligence creates gross inequality. The world must abolish such inhuman conditions as I did when I implemented the thirteenth amendment to the United States’ constitution.

I see slavery all over your world. People are suffering due to the misconduct of leaders who do not fulfil their task. No one is to be left behind. You are here to care for every individual on planet earth, not only in your own country but also across borders. You are part of the United Nations. The United Nations is planet earth, the land that God gave you to bring prosperity, a just life, and dignified life for all of his children.

I watched the movie created by Steven Spielberg. The emancipation of slaves, the abolishment of slavery. I watched this movie last evening with Jostein, the medium. I acknowledge the presentation of history, but I am concerned with the future, the present.

My stubbornness, my firm will, my unselfish desire for the emancipation of slaves fulfilled my assignment. Slavery is wrong in the eyes of God, in the eyes of the spirit, because we are all born free. We are of the same creation. No one is more important than others. I am not more important than any of my fellow beings; the children brought to earth by the hands of God.

This movie lacked one important dimension, one chapter if you so wish. I was inspired by the spirit world that gave me the strength to fulfil my task as President, to achieve the thirteenth amendment, to free every soul from slavery. My wife, Mary, was a Trance medium. She held private séances in the White House and invited spirits from past times. I was part of her spirit communication, even though I did not sit on every occasion she met with the spirit world and our deceased son. I took part in her spirit conversations, a communication blessed by God. We are truly one, the material world and the spirit world, because we can communicate through Trance and Telekinetic energy. Learn the true values of the spirit world; love, freedom, and dignified and just life for all.

God bless!

Thank you for inviting me. I hope we can keep our dialogue. I am sure we will because there will be times when my voice, my presence, is of benefit.

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