1. You –
    the heartbeats of love,
    created for a new life on Earth,
    for you to gain experience,
    and achieve my wisdom on Earth as in heaven.

  3. The heartbeats of love, my Creation.
    Your free will brought you to planet Earth,
    So we could be as one love for our family, the children on Earth.

  5. You are a spirit of God.
    Find the love I gave you at birth,
    the seed that is there for you to plant on Earth –
    so it can flourish and become a beauty of your world,
    fruits that you can share – your love.



  1. I am the waterdrops from the leaves on a rainy day.
    I am the sun’s rays that circulate the oceans.
    I am the wind blowing at sea, creating clouds for your nourishment.
    I am the blue sky above you.
    I am the atoms that gave you life.
    I am the magnificent colours that suddenly make a teardrop run down your cheek.

  3. I am God –
    the spirit of love that made you.
    We are one when you find the love I gave you at birth, the love you can share with humanity and the animal kingdom.

  5. I share my beauty, heaven within, with all who seek my eternal wisdom, the wisdom of love, and the oneness you can create with your love for your neighbour.

  7. We are one, and when love unites us, you have found me, your Creator.

Care, Share and Love


  1. Love your neighbour as yourself –
    a universal law –
    the law of cause and effect.

  3. I am the universal Love, –
    the Creator, your God, the Creation.

  5. Life is eternal.

  7. Humanity and the animal kingdom,
    are my Love manifested in your world.

  9. Planet Earth – an evolution brought into being because I am,
    as you are of my Creation –
    the eternal Love, the unconditional Love.

  11. Care, share, and Love – your building blocks to find peace of mind,
    to create heaven on earth,
    a life of beauty – heaven within – your life.

  13. Care for all human beings, my children.
    Care for the animal kingdom.

  15. Share the wealth of your world.
    You are all equally important.
    You are all alike; no one under, no one above.
    You are all spirits of my Creation.

  17. Love your neighbour.
    Love is the essence of yourself,
    Love made you, created you in my picture by my hands of Love.

  19. On earth, you are my hands,
    my prolonged will to care and to share,
    and to love your family on earth –
    and every child and animal is your family.

  21. Mother Earth – a planet of my beauty.
    Care for her existence,
    share her wealth, and show me your Love for my Creation, for our destiny.

  23. Care, share, love –
    Love your neighbour as yourself –
    my commandment for your eternal life –
    for raising yourself in oneness with your Creator, our Creation.


Heal the World

  1. Mother Earth –
    a planet made in my picture,
    in Love for your spiritual growth,
    a home where you can find the essence of your spiritual self –
    a life to enjoy and learn,
    to fulfil your destiny with your Love for the planet and its inhabitants.
  2. A mystery of good fortune where you can evolve and find the beauty within –
    the Love that created you,
    the Light I gave to you,
    so you could see with your eyes the magnificence of your world,
    that can be a replica of your eternal life.

  3. You are a spirit of God –
    and you can choose right from wrong.
    Egotism and the passion for power are there for you to conquer, to release yourself from
    so your mind can find its Godness, the oneness with your Creator.

  5. Wars are contrary to the mind of your Creator.
    The mind of Love, the unconditional Love, is your origin, where your spirit was born.

  7. Abandon wars, eradicate egotism.
    Conquer the passion for power, and become a charitable human being as the light you gave as a star to other children in the universe.

  9. The universe that you can watch is a replica of yourself.
    Stars are born, and stars eventually die and become part of you.
    The children on earth have been stars in the universe –
    you have been the origin of a star – an evolution in your eternal life.

  11. Find moderation in your life.
    The material life has been given to you to distinguish right from wrong.

  13. Search for your star within, the star of Love, the birth of yourself.

  15. Heal the world with your Love. It is the only path for your eternal growth to become one with your Creator, with me, your God, your mother and your father, who will never leave you because we are one.

  17. Heal the world, and you heal yourself. It is the only path to the glorious destiny that awaits you who listen to my words.

  19. Keep my word in your heart. The word that will grow in you.
    The Love – the past, the present and the future.




  1. I am the Sun, your God –
    that gives you the physical flesh to become life on Earth.

  3. I am the past, the present, and the future –
    and the building blocks of the universe.

  5. I am one in you as you are one in me.
    There is oneness in my Creation.

  7. Life is to learn and to enjoy.
    Life is to care for everyone.
    Life was given to you on Earth to enhance your spiritual self –
    and become one Love with your family, the children on Earth.

  9. I see no borders,
    I see the United Nations as one family for all my children.

  11. The only word in my mouth is unconditional “love”.
    I am your God and will never forsake you.

  13. You can never die; that is only physical –
    for you to enjoy many lives and learn right from wrong.

  15. Life is for everyone, regardless of belief.
    There are no religions in my wisdom.
    There is only one commandment:
    To love your neighbour as yourself.
    Your life is born by this commandment,
    born out of Love for you all.

  17. Love made you.
    Your origin is of the same substance as yourself.
    My Love permeates the universe and your existence.

  19. Watch yourself in my picture, feel my touch, and you find yourself, your spirit, heaven within, your spiritual self, and your eternal life.