ACROSS THE BORDERLINE was the first book I wrote, where my spiritual journey commenced. Very much the same findings as provided by Charles Richet in his book "Thirty Years of Psychical Research – being a Treatise on Metapsychics" – BORDERLINE FACTS & RESEARCHJostein Strommen


(Published 2009)

In Across the Borderline, I have written about two seances I attended in 2008 with the physical medium Stewart Alexander, one in Basel, Switzerland and the other in Hull, UK. You may also want to read his book – An Extraordinary Journey: The Memoirs of a Physical Medium. Available at Amazon UK, US

Here is a sound clip from the seance in the UK, Hull 21. August 2008, where the deceased Dr Franklin Barnett from Stewart Alexanders Spirit team, addresses my wife and me through an ectoplasmic voice box generated by the spirit world for communication.

Dr Barnett, responsible for developing independent voice and full materialisation, speaks without using the mediums vocal cords and operates distant from the medium Stewart Alexander.


Pictures of ectoplasmic independent voicebox and materialized spirit hand from the investigation of the physical medium Mina Crandon

Mina Crandon - A Two Years Investigation of Physical Mediumship

My wife Lise and I experienced this phenomenon, the materialisation of a hand, alleged to be Walter Stinson´s hand at a seance with the physical medium Stewart Alexander in the UK, Hull, 21 August 2008. Listen to the audio clip from the seance. (Walter says several times that “you are all so quiet”, he says this repeatedly because voices raise the energy level needed for the experiment”.

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