A Spirit World Message.

Human rights are fundamental for all on Earth; human rights give a decent, just and fair, sustainable life for everyone.

The conflicts the wars on Planet Earth are human-made. When political interests overshadow and prevail over human rights, politics is on the wrong track, hinders human life and prosperous life for all. We all have seen atrocities committed by human beings, crimes against humanity, genocide, terrorism, child abuse, war crimes and crimes of aggression towards independent states of sovereignty. The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court established the ICC in 1998. Individuals accused of genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity would be held accountable for their acts and inhuman behaviour.

The genocide in Rwanda, the slaughtering of people in Bosnia, Srebrenica, were the forerunners to establishing this vital legislative institution for preventing crimes against humanity in the future.

I was sent as an envoy by the United Nations to the war in Syria, where political interests were too important for human rights to be fulfilled. The United Nations’ security council is a throttle that can prevent disasters to our family on Earth. Political interests must give way where human rights are violated.

When abiding in the spirit world, I can say this; you who do not fulfil your obligations of human rights towards humanity, preventing disasters that are inevitable due to war crimes, will meet punishment in the spirit world. Your mind will recall your actions that caused miserable conditions, death and unliveable conditions for people, and your mind will haunt you. It is an unavoidable punishment in the spirit world. But you can change. You who feel guilty of previous behaviour, you can change because charity is your salvation. Ending hunger and poverty will release you from the severe pain that you brought to life to your mind.

People who live in severe pain in the spirit world, due to their inhumanity when on Earth, do not see the beauties of my world. The magnificence of the spirit world has vanished because your mind takes control over your destiny, a destiny you created for yourself. Whatever you have committed of wrongdoings on Earth can be atoned for while on Earth. See to that your atonement is fulfilled before you enter the threshold of physical death. Your spirit survives death, and your mind becomes your reality.

You can find peace in the spirit world by living a just life, a decent life where you gave yourself in service for your family on Earth, for humanity.

Reverse any decision that is not of justice, love and care for everyone because we are all of the same rights as equal human beings, having the rights for a sustainable, peaceful and just life.

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