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A Spirit World Message.

Collaboration among governments, corporations, and civic groups is essential for building strong partnerships to meet the sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

The wealth of your world is in few hands. Developing countries need debt relief, developing assistance, technology, open markets, and trade opportunities for sustainability and ending hunger and poverty.

For developed countries, open markets and trade is a natural thing. Developing countries have barriers; firstly, they have unfortunate situations where climate change has had a detrimental effect on agriculture, small farming that many developing countries are dependent on. Secondly, they represent a formidable resource, unused and for economic growth. Instead of only hand-outs, you can provide access to markets to develop their farmland, factories of manufacturing of commodities that they can generate from their resources, natural resources. Lastly and as importantly, the impact of climate gas emissions have raised massive obstacles for their lives, environmental changes, both on sea and land; floods, droughts, wildfires which must be compensated for. The developed countries economic growth and wealth have been on their premises.

We have to collaborate to build strong partnerships for raising developing countries to sustainable development.

Gross inequality, make that history. We are in the same boat at sea. We need to master the weather conditions we are exposed to and dependent on to reach shore safely. I am trying to tell you that the wealth in few hands, accumulated by economic growth, unequally shared, has no value neither on Earth nor in the spirit world if you cannot manoeuvre the boat to shore.

The wealth of the world, the resources that have been accumulated over time is not humane; it is selfish desires. It doesn’t feel good to see poverty, hunger – and with the miserable conditions for the many hungry children, the rich food that this planet gives you doesn’t taste good.

As Nelson Mandela said, you cannot find peace, true peace, before poverty and hunger is eradicated. I can assure you that we are human beings after death having the same disappointment with the conditions of your world.

Peace comes to your world when all people have received sustainability, sustainable lives – we the peoples.

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