A Spirit World Message.

When I left my physical body, when I died from the physical plane of life, I entered the spirit world from Planet Earth. When you cross the border between life and death, it is impossible to return to your physical flesh and become life again; resurrection is impossible.

The transition to the world where I now abide is a reality. I am alive, my spirit survived and revived, and I am still Kofi Annan. Souls in spirit will acknowledge who I am, they can see and watch my physical nature of another vibration, but still, a handshake is a handshake, a hug is a hug, a kiss is still a sweet memory that you can turn alive whenever you so wish.

The material world, your world, is transparent to the spirit world. We live in a world that is quite similar to Earth because souls, our ancestors, built the spirit world, and when we arrive, we can watch and live in a world that we feel ourselves acquainted with from Earth. Let us say that the spirit world is a replica of your world without decay, a world of beauty, magnificent colours, wonderful music. We can speak to each other as we did on Earth, but Telepathy allows us to cross language barriers. We communicate by thoughts, and thoughts become a reality. That is why your mind that you build on Earth is critical because your mind becomes your reality. That is not to say that you can’t watch and admire God’s art, the universal elements of life, here as you could, when on Earth.

However, you receive exactly what your mind has created for you, what you with your behaviour on Earth could materialise.

In my complementary messages for the 21st century, I have delivered the realities that your lives on Earth will bring about in the spirit world. Inhuman behaviour towards your fellow citizens, fellow beings, your family on Earth will create a mind of disaster, but I will not repeat myself; the messages are there to read, to understand.

Love is the guiding principle of the spirit world, as it is for the United Nations. We care for our family on Earth; we care for every child born on this beautiful planet to live a life to learn, meet challenges, opportunities, a life to find your real self, the true essence of your innermost beings, the spirit that survives death.

I enjoy life in the spirit world. When I entered this new door, this new life, I was met by family members, friends and colleagues. It was a warm welcome.

God’s love is for everyone; no one is to be left behind; even the most inhuman characters on Earth are cared for because love made us. Come to this world prepared, love your neighbour as yourself, be kind, be helpful, be just, find the love given to you at birth, and share it with your siblings, with your family on Earth, because every child is your brother and sister. Difficult to reason on Earth, but I can assure you that this is the reality you will experience in the spirit world.

Well, I am still available for questions from people on Earth who want to find the truth, who want to have guidance from the spirit world.

God bless you all.

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