The Jostein Strommen Foundation presents the knowledge about survival after physical death, communication with the so-called dead and messages communicated from the Spirit World. If you are not familiar with this knowledge, you may want to start reading Across the Borderline.

Across the Borderline Physical Mediumship combines Telepathy, Trance, Telekinesis and Ectoplasm to demonstrate survival after physical death.

Read about the borderline research without being impeded by any preconceived notions. Have an open mind and discover the Spirit World.

Why is it that people from past times and of extraordinary achievements return and speak from the Spirit World? They know that their presence and messages may bring about positive changes in people’s perception of physical death and the afterlife. This change, they tell, is vital for human progress and our relation to Mother Earth.

The Spirit Council is the board of the Jostein Strommen Foundation. The Council aims to provide evidence that there is no death and advance Change and Reform, where Charity and Reconciliation become the pillars of life. It is an evolutionary path, and we can all make a difference.

Read Spirit World messages in Spirit Communiqué.


Mina Crandon - Physical Mediumship

Eternal life gives you the meaning of life on Earth. Your life is to care for your family, to fight for your family, so people are released from their chains of hunger and poverty, from suffering in today’s world. Physical mediumship gives you the truth of life, God´s creation.
Mina Crandon
Jostein Strommen Foundation

God´s creation

Mina Crandon - Physical Mediumship

Pictures of ectoplasmic independent voicebox and materialized spirit hand from the investigation of the physical medium Mina Crandon

Mina Crandon - A Two Years Investigation of Physical Mediumship

KOFI ANNAN - Spirit World Insight - A Game Changer

You will meet yourself at the door to the threshold of death. What you gave to others of love, of care will be your destiny on this side, a destiny of beauty. You who only cared for yourself, who didn’t care for your neighbour, will meet poverty in the spirit world.
Kofi A. Annan in spirit
Jostein Strommen Foundation

Complementary messages for the 21st century


KOFI ANNAN - Spirit World Insight - Complementary messages for the 21st century

Contemporary poetry from the spirit world – Norwegian