One World – Two dimensions

The Jostein Strommen Foundation presents research on metapsychics. If you are unfamiliar with this knowledge, you may want to start reading Across the Borderline.

Across the Borderline Physical Mediumship combines Telepathy, Trance, Telekinesis and Ectoplasm to explore survival after physical death.

Our Metapsychics Research witnesses forces beyond “earthly” comprehension in communication with an unseen world — these forces answer questions intelligently, manifesting unseen human presence. Metapsychics research is the exploration of this unknown and undiscovered dimension.

We relate to this extraordinary dimension as the spirit world. If this assumption is correct, are spirits who they claim to be? That is Metapsychics research.

Read the research without being impeded by any preconceived notions. Have an open mind and discover the World of Metapsychics.


From the 1880s onward, some of the world’s most outstanding scientists, thinkers, and artists – including more than thirty Nobel Prize winners – have investigated or shown interest in various aspects of Metapsychics.