The Jostein Strommen Foundation presents the knowledge about survival after the physical death, communication with the so-called dead and messages communicated from the Spirit World.

Across the Borderline Physical Mediumship combines Telepathy, Trance, Telekinesis and Ectoplasm to demonstrate survival after physical death.

Read about the research, the facts and books presented without being impeded by any preconceived notions. Have an open mind and discover the Spirit World.

The Spirit Council is the board of the Jostein Strommen Foundation. Read Spirit World messages; Spirit Communiqué.

Jostein Strommen
Founder, Medium & Author

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Mother Teresa

I have a wonderful message to your world, a message that will change your world. “We all survive death.” We are all children of God, and we cannot die, because every one of us has the spirit of love within, the spirit that drives our physical bodies. Our physical bodies perish, but the spirit within revives, survives death.Ten letters from Mother Teresa in spirit
Jostein Strommen Foundation

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Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa, Calcutta, India 1980 – Gettyimages/see footnote

Jostein Strommen Foundation - Safety Precautions

Proof of survival after physical death transpires in the seance room, the meeting place between this world and the spirit world. Seances are recorded by video in infrared light, conditions preferred by our spirit team, to document spirit communication and survival after death. Public release left to Spirit Council discretion.

Mother Teresa may be addressed in her Native Albanian language or any other language she understands; – Bengali, Serbian, English and Hindi. Answers are conveyed by telekinetic energy to document her presence and insight.