The bridge of love

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The Bridge of Love – the seance, is the meeting place between the material world and the spirit world. Many souls gather in these settings building a union of love, the Bridge of Love, where we have spirit contact through physical manifestation/vitalization and trance communication.

The spirit world is highly organised. The Spirit World – 7. Organisation,

White Bear

Spirit World Insight



Visitors/Guests to our seances will be kept in safe hands by our spirit control White Bear and spirit collaborators. There are strict terms and conditions to comply with before entering this meeting place between the material world and the spirit world. Understandably, we will invite and accept guests solely at our discretion.

There are no language barriers in spirit communication. Guests of whatever nationality may use their mother tongue as long as the spirit addressed understands the language.

The spiritual energy, motives, attitudes and consciousness of the participants will strongly influence the conditions in the seance. That is why all seances are experimental, and there is no guarantee for successful communication.

Seances are recorded by video in infrared light, conditions preferred by our spirit team, to document spirit communication and “survival after death”. Public release left to Spirit discretion.

– Jostein Strommen