Spirit World Insight

In your society, in your world today, there is a shift towards nationalism, towards segregation, towards a culture where selfish ends, where egotism, where ignorance, and arrogance are foremost in many people's minds. All this contradicts nature’s laws, God´s laws, which are love for everyone, which is unity, which is equality, which is caring and sharing. It is on these grounds people can join a mutual understanding, a common ground, for what has been given you all, and not a few. God does not differentiate between any of you; the sun shines upon you all. You do the opposite when you let egotism dominate your life. Then you let the sun shine upon a few, yourself, and not your neighbour.

Have you forgotten the scriptures that are of love? “Love your neighbour as yourself”. God has given you simple rules to follow, for you to find happiness, for you to create peace on earth.

We in the spirit world, we who once walked our steps on your side of life, we know the truth of life: that there is no death, and what you created on earth is your “curriculum vitae” on this side of life. Your traces will not vanish. Turn yourself around. Watch the suffering children of your earth. You can be an example to follow. You can start eradicating poverty. You can bring equality to the lips of your people, equality for all. Then you become God´s hands on earth, and then you bring his wisdom of love to your people.

Let us make a cultural shift where love is foremost. Then equality, human rights and care will follow, and a new society will emerge, a society based on love and democratic principles, the good values of life.

White Bear

White Bear