Wisdom from the world beyond communicated by White Bear.

Medicine and Healing go hand in hand – Some excerpts from the book of Healing;

Page 54

The medical technology and development is part of God’s gift to humanity. Even so, – many diseases can be healed by purely healing. However, you are also given the opportunity to use the medical handicraft. Medicine has been developed to heal diseases, and both healing and medical treatment is necessary and part of God’s plans for humanity to prosper.

Page 73

The placebo effect is there for you to comprehend, because when you know that you are being helped and you believe that this will be of benefit to you, your body reacts in a way where it strives to bring its energy into order. You see, my friend, you yourself can heal your body. You yourself are healing your wounds. You have an immunity system; you can heal yourself because you have this function of healing within. We are all mediums, we can all heal; we can give love, and it is by true love that you heal others and yourself.

Page 112

Medicine and medical handicraft is given to you to cure diseases, but you have the opportunity to use healing and the power within yourself, the power of God, to strengthen your whole spiritual being, and then, in turn, your whole physical being.

Page 113

Everything that can heal your physical body is of God, but the only thing that can heal your spiritual being, your spiritual body is the power of love. Remember this, my friend, that begins within yourself.

– White Bear

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