Future Scenarios

Global warming

Unfortunately, people of the earth will have to see catastrophes before they understand that climate change is a fact, that climate change is inevitable with this energy consumption you have of fossil energies, but the world climate can be reversed if you provide mitigation for a sustainable environment. It is your responsibility to take action, to find solutions, and they are there if you have the courage to turn and say that enough is enough, that now is the time to put the foot down and tell the world that we need to change, we need to change ourselves in our behaviour towards nature, towards ourselves, towards our children, towards the next generations.
World Climate -
White Bear

Poverty - Inequality

You do not need statistics or mathematical precision to see that your world needs reform, needs reformation, when you see poverty of such dimension, when you see the suffering of so many people, when you see so much disease among the poor, when you see the violence and the cruelty that has been going on in your world since time immemorial.
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