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Testimony is abundant and proofs innumerable. Decisive proofs are repeated daily. In this book - “Thirty Years of Psychical Research – being a Treatise on Metapsychics” - , which is a collection of facts rather than an exposition of doctrine, I have intentionally multiplied instances at the risk of producing weariness and boredom. The authority of the witnesses and the mass of repeated proofs are such that doubt is not warranted. Cryptesthesia, telekinesis, ectoplasms, and premonition seem to me founded on granite; that is to say, on hundreds of exact observations and hundreds of rigorous experiments. The thing is a certainty; and even though among these thousands of observations there may be defects, gaps, errors, and illusions, sometimes mistakes of testimony, occasionally trickeries, more often casual coincidence, still more often ill-considered assertions, still the thing is certain. It is not possible that all these observers should never have made mistakes, but the whole constitutes a sheaf of testimony so large and homogeneous, that no criticism of details, however acute, will be able to disintegrate and disperse.


  • There is in us a faculty of cognition that differs radically from the usual sensorial faculties (Cryptesthesia).
  • There are, even in full light, movements of objects without contact (Telekinesis).
  • Hands, bodies, and objects seem to take shape in their entirety from a cloud and take all the semblance of life (Ectoplasms).
  • There occur premonitions that can be explained neither by chance nor perspicacity, and are sometimes verified in minute detail.

Excerpt from page 599 of his book.

Such are my firm and explicit conclusions. I cannot go beyond them.

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