This is the first book I wrote, where my spiritual journey commenced. Very much the same facts as given by Charles Richet in his book “Thirty Years of Psychical Research – being a Treatise on Metapsychics” – BORDERLINE FACTS & RESEARCH

If I only knew – the expression If I only knew comes from those who have crossed the borderline of death, and are speaking to us from the other side. If I had only known what to expect, I would have lived my life differently here on earth. Life on earth is only one moment in eternity, but what you create in this moment has decisive consequences for life after death. In this book we will tell you about the séances, materialization, what the dead people say, which consequences your earthly life will bring about for you after death, and what you can do to improve your circumstances before your time comes – If I only knew.

– Jostein Strømmen


The mysterious Norwegian 5 Kroner coin

Read about the mysterious Norwegian 5 Kroner coin that caught my attention at a seance weekend in Banbury UK in 2009 after the book “Across the Borderline” was published. Read the article “A JOURNEY INTO PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP PART II” published by Lucius Werthmueller, Basler PSI Association, Switzerland.
7. January 2010.

The Norwegian 5 Kroner coin - click to read article